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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cyclotron, a driverless futuristic motorcycle

Driverless technology or autonomous vehicle more developed in four or more wheels, but not many are applying to two-wheeled vehicles. One reason is the high degree of difficulty. However, a product called 'Cyclotron' prove that motorcycles can be made drove by itself to a destination. Although only limited to the design, but the technology is applied to the Cyclotron very sensible to be implemented into mass production.
Cyclotron, a self-driving motorcycle concept. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1dWTwm)
The Cyclotron made by a Canadian engineer, Charles Bombardier, and a freelance industrial designer at the Indian Institute of Science named Ashish Thulkar. The design is inspired by the science fiction movie 'Tron' and C1 self-balancing motorcycle of Lits Motor. So no wonder if the design becomes very futuristic.

Although tangible motorcycles able to accommodate two passengers sitting in the cabin. In contrast to the motorcycle in general where the rider sits back to passengers, at the Cyclotron both will sit facing each other.

From here it is known that Cyclotron designed as a self-driving motorcycle. The passengers stayed seated and the vehicle is going to take them to the destination. They also do not have to worry about the motorbike will fall.
Each Cyclotron runs used electric motor and would recharge with wireless power transfer. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1dWTwm)
As quoted of the Wired, Charles Bombardier explained that the bike can be kept in balance thanks to the application gyroscope technology. Even when the motorcycle stopped, passengers do not need to lower the foot to the ground because the Cyclotron will not fall.

"Two passengers can sit facing each other, can relax, chit-chat, could be more to know each other," says Charles.

Kept spur your adrenaline on the power of two-wheeled monster and stay alive with the true safety riding. God will forgive Your sins.... *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | WIRED]
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