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Friday, June 10, 2016

Yeti mysterious creature, whether a real or just a myth?

The world holds many mysteries unsolved. For those of you who like mystery, of course, familiar with the name of Yeti. We also for the umpteenth time make the articles about the mystery of this creature. (Here are the first and second articles).

Somewhere out there, a number of people claim to have seen apparitions of the Yeti mysterious creature. Is the Yeti really exist? Or just folklore propagated from generation to generation for hundreds of years? However, until now no one ever provided clear evidence of its existence.
The sightings figure stated as Yeti in 1992. The apparition was later declared was a hoax. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1apyaQ)
Yeti often described as an ugly snowmen, tall and large with thick white fur. The Tibetans call it with Miché which means bear man. Sometimes, they also call it by name of Mirka which means it is a wild man.

In China, the Yeti known as Yeren which means 'wild man'. There are many names for the Yeti, but it all leads to a form of humans, beast, or a mixture of the two, who live in the snowy mountains.

Nepali people believe that the Yeti is the night creatures. He will be whistling and screeching and can kill with a single blow. Based on the folklore of the Tibetan people, when they see Yeti, it means that they would die or be killed.

There are many theories circulating about the existence of the Yeti, there are who consider as the human, wild animal, or just a mythical creature. But, there was no strong evidence to show that the Yeti is a beast. However, some say that the Yeti is actually the Chu-Teh, a type of Langur monkeys that live in the lowlands or Tibetan bear. Yeti usually reported seen in the Himalayan region, such as Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, India, Mongolia.
Unidentified... The skier who posted this photo asked, Is it a bear or a bloody Yeti? (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1apzNh)
But surprisingly, at the beginning of 2016 there were reports that the Yeti looks at a ski slope of Formigal, Spain. Yeti looked as the creature with the white shaggy walk on its two big feet, passing between the trees on the snowy slopes.

The report was accompanied by photographs. However, the claim that the creature in the photo is Yeti reap the debate. Some argue that the creature in the photo is a polar bear, others said that was a camouflaged soldier, and some are saying that the photo only shows a person who was making a joke by using a furry suit.

The resort owner then do a search in the area around the 'Yeti' appeared. However, there was nothing and the puzzle continues.

Now, scientists are working hard to unravel the mystery of the Yeti. A scientist named Mark Evans performing DNA analysis on samples claimed to belong to the Yeti. He wants to find whether there is a rational explanation behind the theories that circulating all the time. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | KOMPAS SAINS]
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