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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This is the Vespa's real Terror

Modifying the Vespa scooter with the after-market components, such as Malossi or Polini are common and easy to do. But even become very different when viewed the modifications made by Marek Nachlik of Hamburg. Well, an unusual thing, in which he pinned an engine which is taken out of the Husqvarna WR 360 on his legendary Italian scooter.
Ten-Inch Terror, a Vespa custom scooter used Husqvarna WR 360 made by Marek Nachlik. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1b2aMF)
As all we knew, the 1982 Vespa Sprint 150 for example which is usually slow, even its front brake was never used because the scooter can not be invited to run. One more thing for sure when cornering to the right while lying down is impossible can be done.
Front three quarter of Ten-Inch Terror. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1b2Yv0)
Perhaps that is why Marek then decided to replace the original engine with engines belonging to the Husqvarna dirt bike. Liquid-cooled two-cycle engine with a capacity of 348.8 cc once used by WR 360 for the production model from 1998 to 2000. To be pinned on a scooter, the machine must be completely overhauled, and finally coated with Dutch Powerseal.
Right side view of Ten-Inch Terror. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1b2Yv0)
Because actually, this Husqvarna machine should be installed in an upright position and then Marek outsmart by tilted the engine 45 degrees forward, in addition to in order to better handling, especially when cornering, but also for better weight distribution.
Rear right side view of Ten-Inch Terror. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1b2Yv0)
Moving to the rear wheel is no longer uses a single-sided right now, but it uses the swing arm of Yamaha XS400, as well as Honda Comstar rim. Uniquely its rear shock mounted under the deck, like the Buell motorcycle. To stop the pace of Vespa which has a nicknamed "Ten inch Terror" then Marek installed a custom made front disc brake and rear brake system adopted from Honda CB750.
Rear left side view of Ten-Inch Terror. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1b2Yv0)
But for engine cooling systems, it seems there is no more appropriate place, because Marek put the radiator below the deck just behind the front wheel. To be honest it was a risky move. Do you have a better idea for the placement of this radiator?
Rear side view of Ten-Inch Terror. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1b2Yv0)
To strengthen the framework of all the body parts reinforced with steel pipe of 10 cm. The tank is placed in the front glove box, so it needs to be mixed with the Hardi's fuel pump to supply fuel to the engine. While exhaust using a product of Mark Rentzmann (Pipe Design, Bremen).
Electricity was not spared from change, Marek use MotoGadget's ECU as his scooter's electricity control center. Look at the result now, an Italian legendary scooter with a weight of 145 kg that is capable of generating the power up to 55 horsepower and 45 Nm of torque, making it worthy uses the name of Terror.

Kept spur your adrenaline on the power of two-wheeled monster and stay alive with the true safety riding. God will forgive Your sins.... *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | S.I.P. | INAZUMA CAFERACER]
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