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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Japanese storm concept by the hands of Italian designer

A famous Italian designer named Aldo Drudi through the design house of his named Drudi Performance eventually show the latest and out of his unconventional project. No longer designed the helmet for the MotoGP riders, but now he poured his creative idea to make a concept of motorcycle-based of the Honda VFR 1200X.
Drudi Performance Burasca 1200. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1ab1Mt)
Conservative character of Honda VFR 1200X changed. And through Drudi's creative hand directly change bodywork with the use of a longer suspension. The power source is taken from a 1,237 cc V4 engine that is still considered to be qualified by Drudi and his team. They call the motorcycle concept by the name of Burasca 1200.
Rear side view of Drudi Performance Burasca 1200. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1ab1Mt)
In addition to the name of a mountain in Italy, Alta Burasca, it means also "storm". Such as wind, Drudi and his team cut the weight of the Honda VFR1200X be 30 kg lighter. Other touch by installing a few aftermarket features such as, NIX Öhlins for front suspension and rear shock with Öhlins TTX 36, Nissin brakes, LED lights and Akrapovič custom exhaust. Within about three weeks Drudi working to change the design of two-dimensional becoming to three-dimensional, and it manifested itself nicely with an impressive aura.
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