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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Samsung makes an electric car to compete with Apple

Electric powered car competition apparently did not occur on a fellow of automotive manufacturers, these conditions also occur on one electronics company Samsung officially will develop its first electric car named 'S-Car (Samsung Car)'.

The plan confirms the South Korean electronic devices manufacturer will compete with other leading electronic company Apple is doing the development of electric cars as well. However, Samsung said it will present an electric vehicle that is superior to Apple's.
Samsung makes an electric car to compete with Apple. Pictured: All-new SM7. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1Z7aBO)
"The S-car electric powered vehicle will have the advantage of the cheaper prices as well as technically has a speed of 120 kilometers per hour and cover a distance of 300 miles," said CEO of Samsung, Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon. In a press release the company announced that it would be working with Samsung Motors, which works with Renault, to modify the SM7 sedan to be an electric car.

To prepare for electric cars that are superior than the Apple car, at least 2,000 engineers prepared by Samsung in the development of S-Car project. The engineers are working hard to produce the battery technology that can reach a cruising away and motor which produces high speed.

The entertainment system will use a modified Samsung Galaxy View tablet which already measures an astonishing 18.4-inches. which is also used to set the air-conditioning control, Radio and the searching systems. These smartphones would let passengers control functions like air conditioning, web browser and radio. Despite all the tech, Samsung was mum on the car's possible autonomous features.

The company plans to launch its electric cars in mid 2018, with the price offered under the price of Apple's electric cars, which reached US $75 thousand or approximately Rp.984 million. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARBUZZ]
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