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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Is it true the Black Hole is the gate to another world?

If you ever watch a movie or read the books of science fiction themed, then you're no stranger to hear that the black hole is a gateway to the  another world or dimension. At least, that's what many people think at this time and has been widely portrayed in myths. However, is it true?

According to the scientist, the fact is not as simple as the assumption. Because, if we go into a black hole, actually something bad will happen. Before you can go into a black hole, the human body will undoubtedly be interested such as spaghetti and even the atoms in the body will be separate.
This illustration shows a black hole named Cygnus X-1, which is sucking the life out of a blue star beside it. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1ZNY4b)
If we could get into the black hole, we would probably go back to the beginning or even stranded in locations never seen before. As quoted from Live Science on Monday, April 11, 2016, it happens because black holes can bend the space and bring the things that initially far away to be close.

To facilitate the understanding, try to provide a piece of paper and make a point on the far left and right. If you want to connect these two points, then you have to draw a line from one point to another.

However, there is a faster way, namely by folding or bending the paper so that the two points meet. The wormhole that contained in the black hole has a function like the folds of the paper and make the things that initially far away to be close.

Escaping from a Black Hole's grip?
Although it is already known that until now has not found a way to get safely into the black hole, but if we could do, can we go to the destination and back safely?

Keep in mind that the black hole is not an empty space, but it is the place contains some materials that is pushed into a very small and dense, called a singularity (a material collection of the entire universe with infinity density, temperature, and pressure so that according to Einstein's relativity theory that the time and space had no meaning anymore).
Event Horizon area in the Black Hole. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1ZNY8f)
When something moves closer to the black hole, the speed necessary to escape from the catch should be faster than the speed of light ie 299,792 kilometers per second. Because there is no object that has a speed faster than a light (at least until now), it shows that there is no single thing that can come out of the black hole, including humans.

But there is a type of black hole that does not suck up everything around it, called loophole. Such as a vacuum cleaner, the strength of loophole only applies as far as the event horizon (a region around the black hole).

Meanwhile, what is contained in the surface of the black hole is still a great mystery among astrophysicists. Keep in mind, scientists say the black hole is a singularity, where everything that goes into it will be destroyed.

Finally, someone who goes into a black hole would be destroyed and re-emitted as radiation, a concept known as Hawking radiation. According to the calculations of Stephen Hawking, the black hole emit photons. In the event, the black hole would lose energy and over the time will evaporate. But of course it will take a long time, where the black hole has a size of the Sun takes more than 10^87 years to vaporize and explode into gamma rays.

What about Wormhole?
Though black hole still holds many mysteries, but did you know that the object is not static? As with all objects in outer space is always rotating, the singularity in the black hole rotate rapidly to form a ring or a so-called wormhole that can be the gateway to another time and space.

It is very interesting considering the singularity contained in the black hole is endless although we cover the distance and time are infinite. But unlike the ring singularity or wormhole as it can bend and twist the space and time.
Singularity rotating and form a ring, or so-called Wormhole. (Picture from:  http://adf.ly/1ZNY8f)
However, the concept of a wormhole as a gateway to another space and times not be a sure thing. First, no one knows how it will form a ring singularity. Secondly, anyone who tries to solve the incidence of black holes that form a wormhole, find it difficult how keeping it stable.

"In any realistic construction, they are still considered wildly unstable to anything that we'd consider regular matter," said Robert McNees, an associate professor of physics at Loyola University Chicago. Although most scientists say that the black hole could turn into a wormhole, but McNess not convinced by it. "Without a theory of quantum gravity, such questions are hard to answer conclusively," he said.

Another thing that is still an issue is the black hole is believed to be a gateway to other galaxies until today no objects can came out of it. In conclusion, So while it's possible black holes could be gateways, it's probably a good bet that they aren't. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LIVESCIENCE]
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