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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Can our brains were full with memories?

The memory in our brain can never be measured by its value. Where we always remember how we first entered the school, the first time friends and were first dating. In fact, things like mathematical formulas and the state capital that we learned in elementary school, often we still remember until today.

In fact, every day humans create a new memory that is certainly more 'fresh.' With the new experiences 'crammed' into the brain every day, sometimes thought of a question: "Can our brains were full?" Maybe we often think that our brain is like a hard drive where it has the capacity, and the capacity can be discharged. Although strange, but it is not entirely wrong.
Illustration of thinking. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1ZYs8Q)
As quoted from Wired, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Missouri named Nelson Cowan, said that in the short term, the memory will take a cell and the cell is used. But in the long term, the memory is 'coded' in a neural patterns, which form the nerves that are connected in a structured. Remarkably, unlike the hard drives, our brain is able to make these neural patterns indefinitely. So theoretically, the amount of memory stored in the brain was also infinite.

A memory was apparently not always stored properly. They remain, however there are some memory of the 'cross' with the pattern of other networks, and the memory form a pattern that is equivalent to the memory of a donkey. This shows if we do not how can recall a particular thing, your brain could be the one who does not 'save' the memory properly.

But it is quite different if someone 'entering' a different memory to the brain, such as for example short-term memory. It immediately can make the brain 'fullness' with memory. To recall a small detail of the information, it is quite difficult for the brain, because little information is always welcome brain every second. This explains why one often forget the names of people who just knew, and suddenly 'blank' each will deliver something.

People who are able to remember the perfect short-term memory is very little in this world. According to Cowan, if someone is tested to suddenly remember some combination of colors or words, they will be given 3 to 5 colors or words. But if someone was told to remember combinations of letters such as the CIA, FBI, or a variety of common short, they will have no difficulty even though there are more. This shows that such a prescribed pattern in our brain.

However our brains can not behave like a 'hard drive,' and this is evidenced by researchers from the Department of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles. The researchers found that where the 'forget' is a form of our brain is constantly receiving new things each time.

Forget occurred because the old information has to deal with the new information that may be far more useful. With the 'forgot' itself, shows that in fact the memory is still there, but our brains are hard for 'loading' it instantly.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | WIRED]
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