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Monday, March 7, 2016

Our 4000th Posts: A unique hodgepodge café racer with a classic feel

Before starting, the team of writers would like to inform you, the Trussty's loyal readers, that we had published about the 4,000th articles online since we've been here for the first time. By this momment, we look forward could be continued filling these virtual spaces with useful information for all of us and we hope also you can be supported us continously. A great pleasure to be with you along the way and Thank You.
Not many modified motorcycles able to present the aesthetic harmony in each components combination. One of them is 'Dresda-Davidson' belong to Shane Venn. This motorcycle uses an engine of 1970 Harley Davidson XLCH Sportster which is pinned on the frame of Norton Featherbed and built by Dave 'Mr Triton' Degens of Dresda.
Shane Venn's Norton 'Dresda-Davidson' built by Dave ‘Mr Triton’ Degens of Dresda. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1Xi6gZ)
To get around the HD engine that uses a chain on the right side, then Degens flipped the rear wheel hub and plugging a box-section swinging arm. While the front wheel brake use the classic drum model of Oldani-Style with the principle of twin-leading drilled and given vent holes to absorb the heat.

By the twin-leading models, so the brake's ability to restrain the motorcycle's speed is doubled compared to the model of leading-trailing  because the brakes are intended to tame the power of the 'Ironhead' engine that has a capacity of 883 cc. And the weakness of twin-leading brake models, it is not very effective when pushed out. But it was not a problem.
Right side view of Norton 'Dresda-Davidson'. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1Xi6gZ)
It also using Morad aluminum rims, while the shock absorbers use Hagon with the front fork taken from the Triumph/BSA telescopic models that highlight the view its spring as a confirmation classic impression.

Although this bike took various motorcycle components, the overall it very harmonious and natural even looks original. No wonder it was chosen by Greasy Kulture to decorate the magazine's front page on December 2009.
Left side view of Norton 'Dresda-Davidson'. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1Xi6gZ)
"Now I'm going to save it for a long time. I've been using for a holiday on a weekend or occasionally whisked away to where I work. It was like a motorcycle modern or at least modern classic and looks fantastic. Sometimes a bit difficult to be started as well anyway," said Shane Venn.

Nonetheless, Venn added, he did not care and still proud of his beloved motorcycle. Even thought his Dresda-Davidson is one of the best custom Norton café racer motorcycles ever. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DRESDA AUTOS | GREASY KULTURE | BIKEEXIF]
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