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Friday, January 15, 2016

Will the Whiskey into a Fuel of the future?

Scotland is the largest producer of whiskey. And a Scottish professor has found a way to take out the pulp from the whiskey distillation and turn it into biobutanol, which is alcohol that can be used as fuel.

Professor Martin Tangney has been set up a company named Celtic Renewables and based in Edinburgh which produce biobutanol at a factory in Belgium.
Whisky waste could be fuel of the future. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1SLiTTh)
"In the whiskey production, less than 10 percent of what is produced in the actual refining is its main product. Most of the rest are two types of unwanted waste, ie pot ale and barley," says Tangney.

Both are combined to create a new raw material. And by adjusting the fermentation process has a century old, the waste is converted to biobutanol. Biofuel or a whiskey-based fuel that gives greater power than bioethanol that made from corn or sugar cane.

Professor Tangney explained, "Biobutanol contains the energy was nearly the same amount of gasoline, while bioethanol only contains 70 percent of it. We can store it, and distribute it through the pipes and use the existing infrastructure to distribute it, and we do not even need to change or adjust the car.”

Tangney estimate biobutanol will not completely replace gasoline, but mixed with it. Biobutanol may also be used for the aircrafts and ships, and heater, and helps the natural environment.

Currently, Celtic Renewables has received a grant of 17 million dollars from the British government to build a plant in Scotland is expected to be operational within the next 3 years. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DNA]
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