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Saturday, January 16, 2016

How's it going, the Volkswagen Hover Car concept?

We often seen in the sci-fi films, that in the future there is a sophisticated car that can float even fly. Indeed such concepts has long existed in human minds, even since the 1980s. To realize the dream, many designers who are trying to create a future concept car with futuristic shapes, unique, can float or fly and has a myriad of features that are not provided on the conventional cars today.

Among the many concept cars that have been designed and made the prototypes (perhaps), so we try to dug again about the existence of the unique future car concepts that ever presented some years ago.
The City Egg concept car developed by Tomasz Mikrut. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1mWCGU2)
You all may remember with 'The City Egg' concept car developed by Tomasz Mikrut that specially designed for one passenger. Many similar concepts have been developed by other designers, one of them is the future Volkswagen concept car which has been participated in the "People's Car Project," is a 2 years project of building the next People's Car together with the people which held in Beijing, China some years ago (January, 2011 - April, 2013).
Volkswagen Hover Car concept which has been participated in the "People's Car Project" event which held in Beijing, China in 2012 ago. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/22YKLYK)
The concept is named 'Hover Car' is much more sophisticated than The City Egg. Why? Because the car is not running in the street like a car in general, but rather float! If you imagine that this car is designed like the iconic DeLorean car in the 'Back to the Future' movie, or even could say much more cool!
Cross section view of Volkswagen Hover Car concept. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/22YKLYK)
The unique two-seater concept car was very futuristic and has an unusual round shape like a wheel with a tiny tail in the rear. From the CGI video that created specifically to explain the workings of the car concept, it is controlled by a very simple way that relying on a single button to turn it on and single lever that can be moved to the right, left, front, and rear.

Shortly after the car is turned on, it will lift up and float as high as two feet and moving on the electromagnetic track (the car is driven using electromagnetic power that is implanted on the ground).
One of the advantages of this concept car is its ability to detect several approaching obstacles or dangers. By using the sensors embedded in the control system, the car will automatically reduce speed when suspect any danger in the vicinity. Thus, the risk of accidents can be minimized. This car can also move automatically when set to auto mode.

We wonder whether this concept car is indeed feasible to be developed and produced in large-scale, and we'll waiting further news in the future. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARGOCOLLECTIVE.COM]
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