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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Should passenger planes have parachutes?

In August 2010, Dino Moline fly RANS S-9, an aerobatic plane in Argentina. Suddenly the plane's wing broke up in the air while doing a demo. Moline could not get out because the plane spun out of control. He also pulled the parachute lever that made the plane floated down to the ground. He came out of the plane and walk without any injury.
Should planes have parachutes? (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1Vnfg5m)
In 1948, Bob Fronius, a pilot and parachutist twice develop a parachute from the JR-V Robin plane near San Diego, and several times again a few years later of J-3 Piper Cub plane. "He would climb, turn off the engine, developing a parachute, play around with the plane, and then release the chute and slid down while turning on the engine," said Doug, a Fronius son.
Photos of 1990s tests of "ballistic parachute" for Cirrus aircraft, over the Mojave desert. (Picture from: http://theatln.tc/1VnfyJx)
Parachutes capable of carrying entire aircraft exist, so why aren’t they installed on more planes? Wouldn’t they save lives in emergencies, wonders Katia Moskvitch. How many football field-sized parachutes needed to save a plane crashed?

Boris Popov, the founder of the aircraft parachutes maker company named Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) in Miami, Florida, said that to save the Boeing 747 plane which crashed along with 500 people in it, it takes 21 parachutes, each of which has an area equivalent of a football field.
The calculations, takes an area of ​​0.1 square meters to carry the weight of half a kilogram down safely to the ground. So one of the solutions that must be taken to reduce the extent of the parachute is to remove the hard part when the aircraft is experiencing an emergency, such as the engine and the wing, until the parachute will only save the passengers in the cabin.

Guy Gratton, a flight researchers of Brunel University, UK, agrees with that method, the condition of the engine and the wing must not fall onto urban settlements. *** [EKA | FROM VAROUS SOURCES | BBC]
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