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Friday, October 23, 2015

Tips to make the brain does not rapidly aging

You surely know someone who is their thinking ability declines with age. Most people are afraid of aging because did not want their cognitive abilities decline. Brainpower maintained despite increasing age is actually not impossible. What you do today will affect your brain conditions tomorrow, next year, even a decade from now.

Many researchs conducted by scientists to be the brain's ability to conclude a few things we can do for the sake of future brain condition, here's the tips as follow:

Having Sufficient Rest 
Perhaps sleep is an act that is not negotiable if you want to have a brain that is ageless. Quality sleep will make the brain work better. Sleep also improves mood, clear your mind and many more.

If you often have trouble sleeping, follow these tips. In the morning the body lay in the bright sunlight at least one hour. Then in the evening minimize exposure to light in the room. These conditions make the body's biological clock is not interrupted.

Emerging Great Curiosity
Break is enough to make us better enjoy even waiting for the opportunities that come every day. Great curiosity will make us able to use that opportunity.

When we let ourselves open to new ideas or situations, our brain will be challenged or just confused. But the tension to find creative solutions of the challenges it will activate pleasure centers in the brain with a substance dopamine. That is why we must build great curiosity inside. It also makes us more flexible and adaptive.

Having Good Social Relationships
When talking about the brain, size does not matter, but the connections. Similarly in life. Has a warm and good relationships with those around us helped provide positive benefits for the brain.

Connected with the social environment will protect our brain from chronic stress due to loneliness and not understood. Having a strong social relationships with others also makes us more flexible, compassionate, and emotional balance. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC INDONESIA]
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