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Monday, October 5, 2015

This is it, Jaran Kore .... !!

Kustomfest, an Indonesian custom culture festival back held on October 3-4, 2015 at the Jogja Expo Center Hall, Yogyakarta. 

In this event also followed the tradition of lucky draw gift that surprised the lucky visitors, and at the fourth event on this year, a figure custom bike with the name 'Jaran Kore' built from 1978 BMW R65 which uses a 650cc Boxer engine is presented.
This is 1978 BMW R65 Custom bike called 'Jaran Kore' (aka 'Wild Horse) by Retro Classic Cycles. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1PZzoaE)
Jaran Kore in the Java language is defined as a ridden hard wild horse. "According to the event theme 'Showin Soul,' Retro Classic Cycles wants to raise and show a character who had never made before by us," said Lulut Wahyudi, the CEO of Retro Classic Cycles who are also one of the Kustomfest initiators.

"Jaran Kore, we take this name in accordance with the look of the bike which is described as wild horses that are difficult to conquer. The original bike is a tourer motorcycle but we redesigned and changed its look into Traditional Scrambler with the Retro Classic Cycles special craftmanship," he explained.

Not just customized to the frame and body, its twin engine has also been set back in order to have high performance adapts to the Scrambler style. "We maintain the traditional side of the classic motorcycle model with drum on the rear wheels combined with the suspension set up. The engine has also been upgraded by us with some of high-performance parts," added Lulut.
The 'Jaran Kore' by Retro Classic Cycles as the lucky draw gift at the Kustomfest 2015. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1Gru5eY)
"Jaran Kore is the concept of merging the pure metal of Retro Classic Cycles engineering's touches between chromolly, aluminum and titanium. Not just the style that we put forward, but we wanted to show the art and technology of a custom bike, such as the small dimension of chromolly sub frame, aluminum fuel tank and titanium accents of its exhaust design. All of them are the cluster of integrity that we refers to the stability and handling to be used in extreme terrain though," said Lulut.

To get this bike the Kustomfest 2015 visitors just pay Rp.50 thousand (approx US. $3.43) to buy a ticket. The rest, stay prayed who knows you are the lucky one to get this lucky draw bike!

Let's see the bike's video bellow,
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