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Sunday, September 20, 2015

A glowing squid found on the seabed

Oceanographers have recently discovered a strange squid in the depths of the ocean in the Hawaiian Islands. These animals appear to glow in the dark water.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association scientists spent the summer investigating and recording the waters near and in two marine national monuments in Hohonu Moana, Hawaii. The location is one of the areas where there are many mysterious ecosystems, such as quoted by Time on September 6, 2015.
A squid, Walvisteuthis youngorum, is imaged at 2,952 feet during today's mid-water transects off Northeast Gardner Pinnacles in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. (Picture from: http://ti.me/1L3INyx)
When diving in August last, a squid are rarely exposed, and then recorded. Marine animals was known by the name 'Walvisteuthis youngorum,' look 1 kilometer below sea level.
The appearance was the first recorded by oceanographers. They also take two examples to be taken to their mother ship - Okeanos Explorel, to be studied. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | TIME]
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