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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mysterious hole sucking the lake water in Oregon

In the autumn and winter, Lost Lake in Oregon, USA is a shallow lake surrounded by pine trees, which are close to the highway. However, in the summer, the passing driver would not encounter these waters. The lake's section of 0.34 kilometer disappeared and turned into pasture.
A still image from a YouTube video from the Bend Bulletin shows Lost Lake as it drains through a lava tube, in Hood County, Oregon. (Picture from: http://abc7ne.ws/1RdDQVw)
A video recording bizarre momentum, when the Lost Lake water sucked profusely discharged into the mysterious 2 meters diameter of hole. Such as a water bath that the stopper is removed. Most of the lake bottom was visible dry out. Local residents in Oregon, said the phenomenon has been going on since long.

Scientists believe, is caused by the appearance of spectacular lava tube, the tunnel at the Earth's surface that is created to drain the lava during volcanic eruptions event. "At Lost Lake, the lava tube collapse and become the mouthpiece of the lake," said Jude McHugh, a spokesperson for the Willamette National Forest, told ABC News.

In late autumn, the amount of water in the lake exceeds the capabilities of the lava tube to drain the water. Similarly, during the winter due to the pouring rain and snow. As the rainy season ends, a 2.7-meter deep lake it loses its water source. And water disappeared, into the lava tube. A cycle that happens every year.

Local residents in the past have tried to close the hole. However, the intention was to recede after being told, it could lead to local residential and business center flooded. 

Then, where the water is sucked flow?

It is believed, water is sucked into the Earth before it seeps back through springs in the local area. "Finally, the same water appears and it is in my morning coffee now," said McHugh.

The existence of lava tubes commonly found in Oregon - which has many rapids, mountains, active volcanoes stretching from southern British Columbia to northern California.

When the flow of lava flowed down from the mountain, the outer part will cool off and when in contact with air. Hot lava continues to flow beneath the hardened crust. "Similar underground tunnels," said McHugh. After the hot lava flows, all that remains is a hollow tube. A number of tubes into a unique ecosystem for animals and a tourist attraction.

Lost Lake is in the volcanic rocks that formed 12,000 years ago. When younger rocks are formed, it was charged by gas bubbles - which leaves the pores when the gas evaporates into the air. However, people do not always appreciate the lava tube. "At Lost Lake, some prankster closed drainage holes and also throw garbage into the lake for years," said McHugh.
"We do not want to interfere with the natural process, and we prevent attempts to close the hole," said McHugh. "Moreover, the hole tends lake overflowed and flooded the highway nearby," she said. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ABC 7 NEWS]
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