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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The magic eye drops can make you seeing better in the dark

Do you want to see in the dark? A group of California biohackers, called Science for the Masses (SfM) offers a solution. They use Chlorine e6 (Ce6) as a basic ingredient of the magic eye-drop. The Ce6 compound found in some kind of fish in the deep sea and has been used to treat a blindness and cancer.

Ce6 mixed with the compounds of saline, insulin, and dimetilsulfooksida (DMSO). The target is the eye tissue that responsible for catching the retina stimulation. SfM has been piloted the magic eye-drop in humans. They took one of their researchers, Gabriel Licina as a guinea pig. And Jeffrey Tibbetts, a SfM's medical staff who is inject 50 microliter of the magic eye-drop with a micropipette to Gabriel Licina's eyes.
Californian researchers have developed a liquid that enables night vision. The solution combines Chlorin e6 (Ce6) with insulin and saline. A small amount of it was dripped it into a researcher's eyes. It briefly turns the eyes dark or black before it is absorbed, seen in this image of researcher Gabriel Licina. (Picture from:  http://dailym.ai/1HWeCYE)
"It was very fast, I experienced a greenish black blur, and the compound was dissolved into my eyes," said Licina as quoted from IFLScience.com on Friday, March 28, 2015. Then, Gabriel Licina use protective lenses to block out some light. Two hours after the injection, he taken to a dark place to test the his seeing abilities. In one test, he managed to see a hand-shaped object at a distance of 10 meters (33 ft). In another test, he also can detect the position of someone who is in front of him at the distance of 50 meters and in the midst of lush trees.

The experiment was carried out by a group of so-called ‘biohackers’ in California called Science for the Masses. It is not advisable to try this at home. They used a solution containing Chlorin e6 (Ce6), found in some deep-sea fish and has light-amplification properties, and is also used in cancer treatment research. (Picture from:  http://dailym.ai/1HWeCYE)
The morning after the test, Gabriel Licina's vision returned to normal. There is no effect whatsoever. Probation report can be seen bellow. Although the experiment is successful, SfM warned to all parties not to do the same experiment at home or independently.

The eyes injection actions should be done by an expert. Arbitrarily injection will damage the surface of the eye and can lead to blindness. The compounds which developed by SfM itself has not been declared safe by the food and drugs control institutes. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SfM | DAILYMAIL | IFLSCICNCE]
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