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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Honda Vision XS-1 Concept

For a moment we saw in 2014 that shortly after the first appearance Honda Vezel in public at the beginning of 2014, a figure futuristic SUV with the future frame-style also sticking. After briefly believed to be another version of HR-V, it was known as the Honda Vision XS-1 concept, a crossover vehicle with a 7-passenger minivan style with the sliding doors features.
Honda Vision XS-1 Concept at the Indian Auto Expo 2014. (Picture from: http://aol.it/Mg9moF)
Left side view of Honda Vision XS-1 Concept. (Picture from: http://aol.it/Mg9moF)
The crossover concept car that combines two different values. Honda Vision XS-1 combines a sporty and stylish design package and display a high utility in a compact cabin space. This Honda sports car-themed "Exciting H Design", where the same design philosophy used by the designers who responsible for the Fit/Jazz design.
Interior view of Honda Vision XS-1 Concept. (Picture from: http://aol.it/Mg9moF)
Rear view of Honda Vision XS-1 Concept. (Picture from: http://aol.it/Mg9moF)
Honda Vision XS-1 which had showcased in the India Auto Expo 2014. As a concept car for the Indian car market, where the home for very dense street vehicles. The XS-1 designers demonstration that Honda knew all things to make a compact vehicle. Also see the video below:
Unfortunately, until now the Honda does not provide any information related to this new concept car, such as the engine and the details of the power that produced by this car has not been described. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTOBLOG]
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