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Friday, February 6, 2015

The Italian unique motorcycle

Actually, this bike has been there since the mid-2014, but because of its unique so aroused my curiosity to find out more details of this motorcycle. This bike is made in Bimota, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that established in 1973 in Rimini, and initially building high-quality motorcycles with Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki engines.
Bimota Tesi 3D Naked. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/14UydYQ)
Some time ago Bimota introduced their latest sport bike, the Bimota Tesi 3D Naked. The sport motorcycle performed with an aggressive design and have unusual designs like motorcycle sport in general.
Left side view of Bimota Tesi 3D Naked. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/14UydYQ)
The most striking look as well as unique form of the Bimota sport bike can be seen on the front suspension that appeared to applied the cantilever system that is very different than the motorcycle that using telescopic forks.

The cantilever swing arm made of the pipe is also seen to be supported by the monoshock adjustable compression that could be adjusted its height. As for the front-wheel steering uses the push-road like car steering system.
And for the rear legs also look more muscular with the presence of the swing-arm made of pipe material that also reinforces its naked bike character. The rear swing arm is also supported by the monoshock adjustable compression as the front.

Not only that, Bimota also equip this new sport bike with 2 lighter aluminum rims which have a diameter of 17 inch and wrapped with tires sized 120/70-17 front and 180/55-17 for the rear.

To stop this sport bike, Bimota also pinned double disc that has a diameter of 320 mm wrapped with 4-piston caliper for the front wheels, and diameter of 220 mm with 2-piston caliper on the back, both grabbed by Brembo calipers.

Bimota Tesi 3D Naked bike using a 90°L twin-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 1,078 cc which combined with a four-speed transmission system. This machine is already applying injection technology is capable of spraying up to 98 hp at 7,500 rpm with peak torque of 94 Nm at 5,250 rpm. Thus the latest Bimota's sport motorcycle is able to be driven up to 228 kph.

Here are another two unique motorcycles with a construction similar to Bimota sport motorcycle, namely Vyrus sport bikes and custom bikes of Bernard Mont named Ducati TT3 Difazio. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | TOPSPEED]
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