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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Controlled sunlight for your home

In our house, there must be a room or area that we actually want to sunlight in but what can we say, if the window or room position does not allow for the sun illuminating it.

Here it is the solution, the Light Bandit is a tool that can transfer or distribute sunlight through the plastic optical fibers cable to the area you want illuminated by sunlight or natural light.

The Light Bandit consists of a box that we put in the window where sunlight entered then the light will be distributed to the existing fiber cable and the cable ends can be connected with some kind of light to spread the light.
The Light Bandit captures sunlight and allows you to use it in your home. (Picture from: http://kck.st/1x2c2Jk)
How bright light that can be distributed? According to the maker, in the middle of the day, the light can be distributed equivalent to 2 or 3 pieces of 60-watt light bulb capacity, meaning about 120-180 watts, passable to illuminate an area that is not too large. Its use is also quite extensive, we can use the light is connected with reading lamp, UV lamp to provide light to the plants to the aquarium.
Here’s the scoop on how the Light Bandit does what it does. (Picture from: http://kck.st/1x2c2Jk)
The disadvantage is that the cable length will determine how much light can be distributed, the maker says should be no more than 30 feet (9 m) and the longer gets less light, the count every distance of 30 cm, the light will be reduced by 1%. One more drawback, the Light Bandit can only be used when there is sunlight and do not have a battery in it so that when the night so we could not use it.
Apart from the existing weaknesses, the Light Bandit certainly useful for some perfunctory needs, if you willing to pay US. $349 (approximately Rp. 3.8 million) for 1 set of Light Bandit (there's incl. the Light Bandit with 20 metres cables, and special lamps). *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | KICKSTARTER | GIZMAG]
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