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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A body camera for every LAPD officers to improved the public trust

There is a good cop and bad cop, the latter is always made a headache and frightening for the community, because the police task that should protect but sometimes works in reverse.

Los Angeles is no exception, in there may also exist the bad cops so recently the LAPD has been purchasing body-worn cameras in a large number (about 7,000 units) which will be provided to all police officer in there.
A body camera for every LAPD officers to improved public confidence. (Picture from: http://engt.co/1zfQnRk)
By using a Taser Axon body camera that costs US $399 (about Rp. 5 million) and expected will be the proof that the LAPD would be transparent and increased the confidence level of LA citizens.

As seen on the Taser official website, this camera has some advantages such has wider viewing angle than its competitors (130 degrees) and start recording automatically before arriving at the location (pre-event buffering) so that it can collect more evidence photos. Equally important, this camera has a battery that can last for 12 hours.

This camera also provides convenience in terms of storing all the data, every police officers will simply put it in a data transfer tool that has been provided and the data can be stored in the storage locally or in the cloud, precisely in Evidence.com. Back to the LAPD, in the early stages there will be 800 cameras were immediately used by LAPD officers.

It seems the police in Indonesia also have to use it, instead of do not believe but there is nothing wrong to applied this technology because so far there are still many bad cops are often did contrary conduct. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | TASER | ENGADGET]
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