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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The dashing looks of Regula's Audi R8

If you look at the face of the following car, it could be the argument that this is a result of photo editing process. But make no mistake, the super macho look on the Audi R8 supercar is genuine which have been modified by Regula Tuning, a German automotive tuning company.
Audi R8 'Grandiose' by Regula Tuning. (Picture from: http://www.diseno-art.com/)
This styling kits package available for all variants of the Audi R8. Both versions of the V8 and V10 engines and for the Coupe and Spyder models. For this modification package, the tuner gave the name 'Grandiose' which were able to make the car more cool and exciting invited to hang out. The body kit is constructed out of aramid (aromatic polyamide) fibers and includes a new front bumper and mesh grille inserts.

The main changes in the styling kit package for the exterior which is includes a full body kit with a new front bumper. More macho impression comes from single dasain sporty grille and futuristic. Then the stern behind, the more sporty with the addition of rear wings and rear lights new models.
Left side view of Audi R8 'Grandiose' by Regula Tuning. (Picture from: http://fancytuning.com/)
As for the new rear bumper design that has made water vents equipped with dual exhaust pipe tip. Last but not least, the model rides on 20-inch Oxigin wheels that are 8.5 inches wide at the front and 11 inches wide at the rear.
Rear three quarter of Audi R8 'Grandiose' by Regula Tuning. (Picture from: http://www.worldcarfans.com/)
Not only in terms of appearance only that offered by Regula Tuning. But for power booster has also been prepared to offer, an ECU upgrade for R8 version with V10 engine. This ECU upgrade will increase the engine power from 525 hp to 560 hp.

For the the super macho exterior modification package, Regula Tuning give a price of €7,698 or about Rp. 120 millions. As for the machinery upgrade the company give a price of €1,398 or equivalent to Rp. 22 millions. But, this modification package not include the price of Oxigin special alloy wheels. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | REGULA TUNING | WORLDCARFANS]
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