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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Honda's car and traffic light synchronization system

Honda conducted a test on the car and traffic light synchronization system that aims to make the red light traffic flow more stable. The Universal Traffic Management System (UTMS) utilizing the infrared signal from the beacon is placed at the intersection. Actually it sends a signal to the computer in the vehicle. The computer will calculate the speed and direction of vehicles.
The Universal Traffic Management System (UTMS). (Picture from: http://www.motoraty.com/)
When the system is estimated that the car still had enough time to get through the intersection, the computer will display the vehicle speed must be taken in order to penetrate the green light.

However, if the system feels that motorists must stop, the computer will tell the driver to slow down the pace. Motorists will also be told how long the red light will change. Honda hopes that the system can reduce the acceleration and braking is not needed, so they can save fuel, improve traffic flow and reduce accidents.

This pioneering project will be implemented in Utsunomiya, Japan Tochigin prefecture, in cooperation with local police and UTMS Society in Japan. One hundred and Honda vehicles will be equipped with this technology, as quoted by Leftlanenews.

The automaker will oversee the efficiency of fuel use, CO2 emissions and accident patterns to determine if the effects of this system will dimassalkan or not. Tests carried out in April 2014. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LEFTLANENEWS]
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