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Friday, March 7, 2014

Rinspeed Autonomous Concept Car

Autonomous car that can drive itself, according to the manufacturer can be sold at the end of this decade. If you have this, the rich do not need the driver again (privacy is preserved), the traffic crowded possibility is reduced, as well as accidents.

Meanwhile, the driver and passengers can careless, doing various activities like or do the work that must be done while driving at a speed of 120 kph. The question arises, what will change with the car later when otonomos be true? To answer it, we can follow the description of Rinspeed, a Swiss company which often spawn unique cars at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Rinspeed have prepared an autonomous luxurious and sophisticated concept. The car was given the name "Xchange", referred to as an "evolution of the Tesla Model S" that has the modified 4erC with tradition by Helvetic (Latin for Swiss designation) with Esoro.
Rinspeed Xchange. (Picture from: http://www.roadandtrack.com/)
To display the "Xchange" with various trinkets and technological prowess, not less Rinspeed invite 24 companies from Switzerland, Austria and Germany with a variety of special expertise. According to Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO of Rinspeed calls "Xchange" as an office or family room to walk. The car driver obtain such luxury and comfort of passengers in business class.
Front view of Rinspeed Xchange. (Picture from: http://www.roadandtrack.com/)
Rinspeed reason, bring up this idea, now most of the car manufacturers are doing their final touch of autonomous technology. Because of this, changes will occur in the near future. "So far everyone has been working hard up to the logical conclusion, placing him as the driver. With autonomous technology, when a speeding car, the driver does not need to look down the road and continue to hold the steering wheel. Later, the driver spent his time for something more useful, "said Rinderknecht.
Interior view of Rinspeed Xchange. (Picture from: http://www.caranddriver.com/)
Autonomous Rinspeed concept car proffered to the interior, use a seat serbabaru can remember, with a relaxed setting quality standards and business class aircraft. The seat can be tilted and rotated made by the manufacturer of medical seats in the world famous Swiss Otto Bock.
On the dashboard mounted 1.2 m screen that can display a lot of information. (Picture from: http://cars.uk.msn.com/)
The result, with 20 seats more settings, also broke the world record. Furthermore, the wheel accounts for future TRW, can only be played by a pre-determined hand. Information control driving, airing on the spokes multifunction steering wheel lock transparent accompanied by the lighting environment in the middle of the instrument panel. Steering wheel is considered innovative because bionic designed by Georg Fischer Automotive.
The steering wheel will be moved from the side to the center when not needed and useful when driving seat was facing backwards to give more space. (Picture from: http://autos.yahoo.com/)
More intense with technology "steer by-wire" which was developed by the Swabian Company Paravan, with the concept as applied in modern jet aircraft. Passengers can sit in a resting position while enjoying the new concept of entertainment Harman infotainment platform that can be modified based on HTML5. With this addition, the system is protected against the hackers.

The front seats can be rotated 180 degrees and in the back seat when folded will appear a screen size of 32 inch HDTV with 4K resolution. (Picture from: http://autos.yahoo.com/)
"Xchange" is also equipped with a number of other functions, namely navigation, entertainment, and service assistants demonstrated through 4 monitors. One of the, width of 1.2 meters on the steering wheel display various information. There is also a 32-inch 4K monitor in the back that can change the "Xchange" into theaters with UHD quality controlled through the motions.
In the middle of the front seat there is a coffee maker that can be enjoyed together during the trip. (Picture from: http://autos.yahoo.com/)
This car was designed to be able to communicate with the outside world. For the use of data that is integrated with sensorreal time by the infotainment system. The system can also be connected to the cloud or cloud computing by utilizing a wireless network Long Term Evolution (LTE) or better known as 4G.

For this, Rinspeed invites German Telekom for their LTE network data transmission that quickly and safely. All incoming data - from Harman infotainment systems and other parts - are combined and analyzed by Deutsche Telekom platform "Business-to-car" that has been standardized.

With this service can be obtained in the form of messages, warnings or recommendations of driving routes and profiles. As for access to the car using Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID), may determine that the driver may drive the car.

Interor avant-garde developed by Strähle + Hess so that passengers can obtain a unique and fun atmosphere. To that end, upholstery textiles coated with blue and gray gradation to create blue sea vision. The cool colors amplify the effect of relaxing during a long journey.

Textile proficiency level comfortable to the touch because it is made from the special, including Merino wool and silk are processed by Schoeller from Bregenz, Austria. Rinspeed also analogize the combination of these "smart yarn in smart car".

For the roof, use artificial Plexiglass Evonik Industries with a special appearance. Glass surfaces sparkling with rainbow colors. 358 is used for LEDs that can be controlled individually. Plexyglass also used in the front and rear of the car, among other moving panels and rear spoiler.
At the top of the wheel, also installed Carl F. Bucherer watch creations that moves on the transparent globes. When the car stopped, the globe was rotated by an electric motor. The rotary process is mechanical clock movements! To give a solid impression, "Exchange" given foot, 20-inch Borbet rims with final touches "Reflectic, shiny and inviting attention.

In the car, the driver and passengers can read, listen to music, explore the virtual world, play games and watch movies with excellent picture and sound quality. It could even monitor or follow the party when driving at a speed of 120 kph or work while sipping a cup of espresso Amici. With this concept, according to Rinspeed, personal long distances travel more attractive when compared to using trains and airplanes. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | RINSPEED | CAR AND DRIVER]
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