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Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Vespa Sprint with a modern looks

Still remember the days of the 1960s, when Vespa Super Sprint 90 go on sale? At the time these models rely on a lightweight body with a 2-stroke engine that has a capacity of 125 cc which symbolizes sporty and athletic design. Now Piaggio regenerates the Sprint name with two new models, 125 and 50.
New Vespa Sprint appearance with a modern looks. (Picture from: http://oto.detik.com/)
The design is inspired from the past Primavera and Sprint scooter, and created to replace the Vespa S. The classic typical face persisted, though there was some difference that makes it special. Quite striking, light boxes reminiscent of the older models, though the update has been implanted with LED technology. So the rear lights was.
New models of Vespa Sprint inspiration taken from the 1960's sporty and athletic design models. (Picture from: http://www.scooter-infos.com/)
The scooter appearance with black leather seats with white stitching, reminiscent of the Vespa Sport. Its body is compact and is claimed to be one of the lightest models. In general, the appearance of more and more fresh, especially with the presence of 12-inch alloy rims with beautiful design, wrapped in wider tires.
The latest Vespa Sprint performed with three engine options, such as 125 cc 4-stroke, 50 cc 4-stroke, and 50 cc 2-stroke. (Picture from: http://www.otonity.com/)
Facilitated the ease of carrying with large luggage capacity that could "swallow" a full-face helmet. This is achieved thanks to the removal of the battery which is now placed under the footrest. The new instrument panel, given a black background. When the sun goes down, this section will fluoresces red which makes it increasingly looks aggressive.
Specification upgrade is done on a scooter chassis made ​​more rigid mounting. Likewise, the front suspension that supports more comfortable handling performance. The engine uses the latest 3 valve technology, 4-stroke which has a capacity of 125 cc. This engine also has been used in many models. There is another option which is fitted with a smaller engine capacity of 50 cc, with two specifications i.e 4-stroke, and 2-stroke engine.

There is a choice of four colors, namely red, white, blue, and yellow. As with previous models, the new generation of Sprint can be shot in Indonesia. And the 125 cc version has the greatest chance. Until this news was revealed, Piaggio has not provided information about prices. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | PIAGGIO]
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