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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What if the Earth stopped spinning?

Once you imagine of your speed on the Earth's rotation, and what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning? "What happened was a total mess, it all falls apart," said Louis Bloomfield, a physicist from the University of Virginia as quoted from the Life's Little Mysteries site. Most humans would drown or suffocate, and some of them were killed baked or frozen.

But the good news: it does not mean the apocalypse. Most human beings who happen to live in 4 small parts of the Earth will be safe, even evolved rapidly as a response to dramatic environmental changes.

The gravity of the still earth is the strongest 
at the polar regions (shown in green). It is 
intermediate in the middle latitudes and 
weakest at the high altitudes of the 
Andes, close to the equator(Picture
 from: http://www.esri.com/)
Amazingly, the Earth will change shape if it stops spinning on its axis. Earth's rotation makes the center of the planet is prominent, about 26 miles around the equator than the distance between the poles.

If it stops spinning, the solid part of the Earth does not necessarily fluoresce. The most affected are part of the ocean. "The oceans will shift from the equator toward the poles, leaving the dry bones of the Earth's surface near the equator. While the polar regions will sink," said Bloomfield.

Similarly with the atmosphere, it thickening in polar region and thinning at the equator. Only the living things who lived in the mid-latitudes get the right atmospheric pressure to stay alive.

When global rotation stops, the massive 
oceanic water migration would cease and 
sea level would be at different locations,
 completely changing world geography.
 (Picture from: http://www.esri.com/)
Furthermore, the eternal flame of the Sun will be shining most of the Earth. As a result, dead plants, soil drought broke. Meanwhile, the other hemisphere will sink into the darkness of the cold, like a frozen tundra. "In that time the human must be move into the transition region," said Rhett Allain, a physicist from the University of Southeastern Louisiana.

Human movement will be limited to the "thin ribbon" in the hot-cold transition region, where the sun always appears just above or below the horizon. There, the relatively moderate temperatures, but the patterns of weather and climate when the Earth stops spinning, can not even be guessed by the scientists of today.

From all regions of the Earth are only 4 small plots of land that have the right atmospheric pressure and also temperature that suitable for humans. Two in the northern hemisphere and two in the southern hemisphere.

Finally, there are only 4 human tribes which is separated eternally by the extreme conditions among them. Environmental differences between the 4 places it will affect the evolution of creatures there, according to environmental conditions. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ESRI | UNIVERSE TODAY]
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