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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Skyscrapers in Hong Kong more lively with Video Glass technology

Of the city as one of Hong Kong's financial and commercial centers globally have recently changed to become more attractive in the afternoon and evening. When opening the window, you will find video glass technology that offers an interactive advertising campaign. The visitors can touch the video glass to get the goods they want. The video glass was posted on shop windows, as well as high rise buildings skyscrapers category.
Skyscrapers in Hong Kong more lively with Video glass technology. (Picture from: http://nationalgeographic.co.id/)
Video glass technology was developed to replace the existing LED video ads on tall buildings with energy efficient systems. Video glass can transform the entire building into a projection screen. In contrast to the LED technology, video glass is an environmentally friendly product that can reduce light pollution, and also more cost effective.

"The light from the LED is quite concentrated. If you see it immediately, you will feel uncomfortable., But, if looked at video glass with diffused light, you will feel standing in front of the screen. You like to watch live impressions of the ads," said Crystal Fok Lo-ming which is one of the developers of the video glass. She and her team developed a system that will change every pane of glass into a projection screen.
Developer Crystal Fok Lo-ming demonstrates video glass technology in Causeway Bay.. (Picture from: http://www.scmp.com/)
Fok hoped, will give advertisers a video glass alternative media outside the walls of large electronic video with giant LED screens throughout the building in a large shopping districts such as Times Square. For starters, video glass is used on the windows of commercial buildings in Hong Kong Times Square. The windows became the most attractive advertising media and also during the night.

Trend as it stimulates the developers to include a glass of video on every new project as an additional stream of income. Because many advertising companies that utilize technology in cooperation with the building owners.

Currently, many developers are interested in promoting their project as a video medium glass. They are aware, video glass will change and affect the Hong Kong skyline, especially the skyscraper.. *** [EKA | FROM vARIOUS SOURCES | SCMP]
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