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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Revealed! Crocodile was able to climb trees

Crocodiles are not only able to swim fast, moving at lightning speed in the mainland to pounce at once biting prey. And now revealed the remarkable ability of the members of the Crocodylidae reptile family, they can climb and and perch in trees.
The researchers believe that crocodiles climb trees for two reasons: regulating their body temperature, and surveying the area for potential threats and prey. (Picture from: http://earthsky.org/)
The experts from Australia and the United States show, though it was long suspected that the ancient crocodiles species can climb trees, there has never been a study related current. "That turned out to be capable of doing extraordinary things," said Adam Britton, a researcher from Charles Darwin University, as published by the AAP, on Thursday, February 13, 2014.

Previously there were few reports about the presence of crocodiles in the tree. Namely in Mississippi, Colombia, and along the banks of the Nile. The researchers also examined the crocs - alligator or crocodile either (which is one of the distinctive shape of their mouths) - in Australia, Africa, and North America.

Including related reports from Australia that there are crocodiles climb a wire fence. Fortunately, in Australia only the freshwater crocodiles climb trees, they are not as aggressive as the saltwater crocodile.

The modern crocodiles turns unusually nimble. They climb trees, out of the water, to escape from predators, competitors, or find a place to bask when surrounded by dense vegetation. "When you compete with other crocodiles sunbathing area compete for the best. A crocodile who want to sunbathe in peace, had to find another place - climbing a tree limb is the perfect choice," says Dr. Britton.

He added elevation make crocodile can see what's in the water more clearly. In contrast to their calm demeanor on the mainland, at the height of the crocodile in height somewhat skittish. Easily startled and jump if approached. "If the branches hanging over the water, the crocodile can move more easily. Lives collapsing, plunge into the water."

In the Herpetology Notes science journal, the scientists identified 4 species of crocodiles can climb trees. Some even crocodiles were caught in a tree at a height of 13-16 feet, or 3.9 to 4.8 meters.

Crocodile climb by making their bodies vertical, then crawling or walking among the branches, "according to the research team led money written by researchers from the University of Tennessee, Vladimir Dinets, as quoted by FoxNews.

So, for example if someone chased by crocodiles, not advisable for him to climb a tree? Depends. For example, "if a four-meter crocodile chasing you, there may be no other way than to climb trees," said Dr. Britton.

Therefore, the greater the size of the crocodile, their legs proportionally smaller than her body. They do not have the strength to climb into a tree. Observing the behavior of modern crocodiles have provided important clues about how life extinct species.

Also shows, despite the fact that the crocodile posture does not look like have the ability to climb trees, and in fact they could have done. "Just by looking at the size and shape of fossil leg does not always tell about the behavior of these animals," says Dr. Britton. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | FOX NEWS]
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