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Monday, February 17, 2014

Netherland's maximum luxury touch supercar

The car manufacturers are competing to offer the prestigious car with attractive look with high-tech features. Spyker, an exclusive Dutch carmaker has been making supercars that blended in such a way became a vehicle that has a great performance with the maximum luxury touch. This is reflected in one of their supercars which was first introduced to the public in 2009 under the name Spyker C8 Aileron.

This sophisticated sedan was present to enliven the world automotive market since 2000 as the next generation of exclusive sports sedan that is really tempting. In addition to challenging all-round appearance of the exterior, supported also by the maximum engine performance specifications as a gift that is given by the manufacturer, the interior becomes an important thing that can not be passed up.
Spyker C8 Aileron. (Picture from: http://www.verybestmagazine.com/)
First, we seen from the exterior look which is designed with a highly aerodynamic body curvature and fascinating. Large black grille which was harmonious blended with the car's body. It also uses Xenon LEDs lights, as representative of current trends. Two scissor doors which was open upward. Then its aluminum chassis making it as the lightweight supercar.

The roof closes down under aluminum tonneau with the buttresses being upholstered in Hulsof leather, which of course matches the interior of the vehicle. The soft top has one remarkable difference from traditional soft tops in that is comes with a glass rear window and it is available in a choice of eight colors.

The C8 Aileron is classed as a mid-engine two-seater luxury sports car featuring a long wheelbase. The wheelbase alone makes it stand out among other designs from the brand name. It also has a very distinctive design of lightweight aluminum on the body and an engineering package that is uncompromising. As you might expect from a luxury lifestyle supercar the interior has been hand crafted using only the very best of bespoke materials to create a true lifestyle statement.

This is the part that attracted the attention of every eye glance. A 4.2-liter V8 engine that could spewed maximum power up to 400 hp and torque of 480 Nm at 7,200 rpm. The supercar maximum acceleration from 0-100 kph only takes about 4.5 seconds, so the supercar can be driven up to 300 kph. As for the transmission, the automaker offers two options ie automatic and manual, both are powered by a six-speed tranmition system.
Entering its interior, it was amazing, it was also present therein luxury. All layers of the Dutch Royal Tanneries Hulshof genuine leather contribute to make comfort in the supercar's cabin. Then the dashboard is also made ​​from aluminum, safety riding systems such as airbags are not only available for the driver but also the passengers. Ehm.. Imagine if you were in it. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SPYKER | AUTOBLOG]
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