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Thursday, February 20, 2014

NASA's Efforts to reduce Satellite carcass in space

Satellites floating in space has a varying survival time. These satellites have limited fuel and then the object can be garbage that floating in space. As reported from Engadget, on Thursday, February 13, 2014, the satellite which is placed in near Earth orbit could be interstellar garbage. These satellites can be tracked, dismantled or discarded by a giant laser. NASA certainly not interested in the waste.
NASA's building a satellite refueling robot platform that works... in space. (Picture from: http://www.engadget.com/)
The U.S. space agency is able to prolong the lifetime of the satellite by refueling it. Therefore, NASA will build a robot platform named Enter the Remote Robotic Oxidizer Transfer Test (RROxiTT).

This project aims to refuel satellites that still exist on Earth and in space. Scientists are working hard to provide an oxidizer which is highly flammable material. It involves the chemicals that are used to power satellites to rocket fuel. Scientists do this process remotely (long distance) and safe.

NASA scientists have to be careful, because these oxidizers are 'toxic, highly corrosive (destructive) and compressed. For this reason, not human who directly work refueling satellites, but robots that are controlled remotely.
The technology needed is being jointly developed by teams from Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, which specializes in building the robotic arms and control systems, and a team from Kennedy Space Center. That team has developed a unique oxidizer and fuel delivery and monitoring system that can safely transfer the propellent. Tests of RROxiTT are ongoing, as its creators are working out the kinks of the system here on earth before they try their luck in space. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ENGADGET | SPACE NEWS]
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