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Friday, February 14, 2014

Miami GT GrandPrix Edition supercar

DDR Motorsport launched the new sports car called the Miami GT GrandPrix Edition. This car is the latest variant of the previous supercar, Miami GT. The new Miami GT GrandPrix Edition supercar is the result of cooperation from several automotive companies besides DDR Motorsport, such as Concavo Wheels, Ksports, Stuttgart Auto Collision Center and there are still other companies..
DDR Motorsport Miami GT GrandPrix Edition. (Picture from: http://www.iberita.com/)
DDR Motorsport builds its own chassis and display the body, while the other parts are done by the automotive companies are working together with the DDR Motorsport. Miami GT GrandPrix is actually the development of the car GT4 and GT8 they created previously.
Front view of DDR Motorsport Miami GT GrandPrix Edition. (Picture from: http://www.autonews.name/)
G4 is a revamp of the Acura NSX that is equipped with an additional engine of the Toyota MR2. While GT8 equipped with a Corvette LS1 engine. Of course for the Miami GT GrandPrix Edition will be made more vivid on the speed and acceleration.
Left side view of DDR Motorsport Miami GT GrandPrix Edition. (Picture from: http://www.autoblog.nl/)
The Miami GT GrandPrix carrying a 2.0 liter turbocharged 3SGTE engine, which can generate power of 600 hp. This engine is also part of the Toyota MR2. To estimate the speed, the automotive experts predict that this supercar will have a maximum speed of 320 kph (198.84 mph) and can reach speeds of 0-100 kph (62 mph) in just 3 seconds.
Interior view of DDR Motorsport Miami GT GrandPrix Edition. (Picture from: http://www.ddrmotorsport.com/)
The Miami GT GrandPrix Edition sits on a set of 20-inch Concavo wheels wrapped up in sticky performance rubber. A set of Ksport Kontrol Pro Shocks help keep the sports car steady in the corners and when it encounters imperfections in the road. A set of six-piston Brembo calipers do the stopping on the front by squeezing a set of 15-inch cross-drilled rotors, On the backside, the brakes feature a set of four-piston calipers with 12-inch cross-drilled rotors.
Regarding the price, DDR Motorsport still not provide certainty what price. However, estimated to have a very high price, it can be seen from the GT8, a previous car series, for kit only needs around U.S. $17,995 or Rp. 179 million. It can be ascertained for the overall price of the car will take a number far higher than that. As reported by TopSpeed, the new GrandPrix Edition package U.S. $6,000 more over the GT8 kit price or approx U.S. $24,000 or Rp 290 million. For specific details on purchasing a Miami GT Grand Prix Edition, you can contact DDR Motorsport.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DDR MOTORSPORT | TOPSPEED]
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