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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kubo, An Electric Cargo Scooter

Traffic in the World's major cities are increasingly crowded by the day, it was able made some people to generate the quite unique creative ideas, especially for specific needs. One example is the electric cargo scooter of a San Francisco based company, Lit Motors named Kubo (read: 'koobo'). Scooter that has a unique design, and is very different when compared to the general scooter. 
Kubo, an electric cargo scooter of Lit Motors. (Picture from: http://litmotors.com/)
A large size luggage space or a place to store the goods actually being in front of the rider. Based on the release issued by the company, that the scooter can carry goods with a surface area of ​​2 square meters. Therefore, Koobo assessed from the function is very similar to a small pickup truck!
Right side view of Kubo. (Picture from: http://litmotors.com/)
With this particular baggage, its luggage was more safer, including for electronic items that can be protected from the rain. With this addition, the rider does not have to bother with test hooks in his back.

Scooter handlebars mounted on the top of the baggage, which is right in front of the rider with a fairly complex mechanism to control the front fork that holds the front wheel. According to the media reports that have been tried the e-scooter, at first it is rather difficult to drive it, but when we have found "the key", so very exciting! To maintain the scooter's balance, its lithium-ion batteries are placed on the floor, under the baggage.

This scooter is claimed to be driven up to a maximum speed of 72 kph with a single battery charge and have a mileage of 80 km. Its electric motor is mounted directly on the rear wheel to generate power 3kW (4 ps). As for slowing or halting, it uses disc brake mounted on the front wheel.
On the scooter is already mounted the devices for charging batteries that can be directly plugged into an outlet at home with a few hours of charging time. The scooter's carrying capacity is 150 kg of goods plus the rider. There is a seat that could adjustable its height for riders with posture of 150-200 cm. Other features that are available on this scooter is the speedometer, odometer and a digital voltmeter and the LED lights in front and rear.

For those who have done the "pre-order" now, the delivery will be done in the summer (around June-July) this year. Kubo will be sold at a price of U.S $5,000, or approx Rp. 60 million per unit. Another advantage of this electric scooter is the maintenance cost was cheaper than the scooter that uses a gasoline engine! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LIT MOTORS | TC]
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