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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Health Tests Design Concept while urinated

We can see our health by looking at the color of urine that we spend. Surely this is not too easy to do. This is like that done by Designer Royce Zhang when designing this urinal testing technology which can be our life partner who can measure our health condition.
E-Urinal Conception Design. (Picture from: http://www.spicytec.com/)
The following technology is claimed to help us examine health through urine. With The E-Urinal certainly all be so much easier. Although still a concept, the E-Urinal is possible to be realized.
Interface design of E-Urinal. (Picture from: http://www.spicytec.com/)
According to the designer, The E-Urinal will accurately measure the PH, SG, URO, BLO, WBC, PRO, GLI, BIL, and KET. Basically, the results of this test will include sugar levels, PH, red and white blood cells, and many more.

All this we can know in the most simple and easy. Simply by removing a small water course, this tool will check everything for us. The result can be seen on the screen found on the device. It seems pretty cool, though it would be much cooler if it also came up with a female version. Hmmm. *** [EKA | FROM PREVIOUS SOURCES | SPICYTEC]
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