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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Waiting for the First Scottish supercar

Appearing like a cross between an Audi and a jet fighter with all the attitude of a 1980’s pure breed to boot, Scotland’s first supercar looks determined to leave the rest of Europe in the dust. That is, if it goes into production. Named after an old Scottish spirit, the Falen is the brainchild of Gleneagles-based design studio Dowdeswell and Hardie.
Falen will be the first Scottish supercar. (Picture from: http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/)
According to the plan, only four Falens will be built in total, all using a mid-mounted 5.5-litre V10 that develops over 800 bhp, mated to a five-speed transaxle gearbox. Different transmissions are currently being assessed, but the powerplant is confirmed as the Judd GV5 S2 – a pure-bred, highly respected racing engine that’s the most popular unit in the LMP1 class.
Front view of Falen supercar. (Picture from: http://www.luxury-insider.com/)
Judd is currently developing the engine to make it suitable for road use, the obvious concerns being refinement and driveability. The unit weighs only 130kg, and Dowdeswell and Hardie is targeting a 1,000 kg kerb weight for the Falen, achieved by using a full carbonfibre monocoque and bodyshell. Instead of conventional doors the cockpit’s roof and glass area hinges backwards to provide access.
Right side view of Falen supercar with conventional doors the cockpit’s roof and glass area hinges backwards. (Picture from: http://www.luxury-insider.com/)
Measuring less than 4.2 metres long, the Falen is shorter than a Porsche 911 and is aimed at trackday enthusiasts. It will also feature components sourced from British suppliers wherever possible. But until now, neither Falen supercar produced or the car is quite simply in the form of designs on paper. Who knows..? *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | EVO MAGAZINE | AUTOBLOG]
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