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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The craziest American supercar

Judging from the strength, arguably the Dagger GT supercar is one of the most ambitious projects ever created. Remarkably two of five cars that built in 2011 was already sold out booked.

Dagger GT was only made ​​with the super exclusive number, i.e 5 units and will be very dangerous when in mass production as quoted from Worldcarfans, on Monday, July 5, 2010. Therefore, the car's power was too powerful which can reach 2,000 bhp with 2,710 Nm of torque. The strength gained from Twin Turbo aluminum engine which is made ​​by Nelson Racing Engines, and then combined with a TranStar Mendeola six-speed transmission.
Dagger GT-SS Candy Apple Red Supersport in France. (Picture from: http://www.gtr-xs.com/)
As for the body design, this car took the basic design of the Corvette Cheetah concept car which was then corrected by the designer of the Saleen S7 super car. The outer body of the car is made from carbon fiber, while the chassis structure which is formed by a high-strength 4130 chrome steel.

With a blend of aerodynamic design and the crazy engine, Dagger GT was able to go faster from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 1.5 seconds with a topspeed reached 483 km/hour (300 mph).
The car will be made in two different models namely the Dagger GT Street Models which consisted three varians, i.e,
Dagger GT-SS Candy Apple Red Supersport. (Picture from: http://www.gtr-xs.com/)
  • Dagger GT-SS: This supercar will be our "Super Sport" model, a European street-legal 2000 hp version of the GT-R model. The owner can specify his/her suspension preference and interior design features.
  • Dagger GT-R: This supercar will be our "European street-legal Race car model.. Our plan is to try and get the 2000 hp engine to meet EPA emissions by 2013.
  • Dagger GT-LX: This supercar will be our luxury model with the engine of your choice and all the interior luxuries imaginable and specified by the owner. This model has about 300 pounds of insulation and sound-proofing material to give it the feel and sound suppression associated with top-end luxury motorcars. Suspension may be soft, sport or race, as preferred by the owner.
While the Dagger GT Race Models which also consisted three varians, i.e,
Dagger GT-R in satin black and gold metalflake racing stripes. (Picture from: http://www.gtr-xs.com/)
  • Dagger GT-R: This supercar will be our road racing package, with a 2,000 hp engine, FIA safety package, dynamic, split rear wing, set up to challenge and establish new lap records at Virginia International Raceway and at Nurburgring, Germany.
  • Dagger GT-LS: This supercar will be our land-speed package with our 3,000 hp engine, 500 mph rated M/T landspeed tires, 1,000 pounds of low front-end ballast, full bellypan with twin Venturi tunnels, land-speed wheel covers, Landspeed parachute, backup chute, Bonneville rollcage and a range of other options to help our buyers set new landspeed records in excess of 500 kph (315 mph). Options will include landspeed instrumentation/avionics packages, base radio, windshield options and other possibilities.
  • Dagger GT-D: This supercar will be our drag racing package with our 3000 hp engine, Goodyear Pro Stock Slicks, or DOT ET Drag tires, hydraulic-launched double NHRA drag chutes, drag wing, NHRA rollcage, drag racing transaxle, a drag racing rear suspension that will emulate a Pro Stock Dragster and enable 260+ mph in the quarter mile for our friends who love to drag race. We are also shooting for the 1,900 hp Nissan Project Zed car’s 1.2 seconds in the zero-to-sixty mph. We also want to hit 300 mph to set a new IMRA Standing Mile record, (almost a 100 mph faster than the Bugatti Veyron at 204 mph in the Standing Mile.)
As for price, Dagger GT which was sold at a price of U.S. $ 450,000 or approximately Rp. 5.47 billion. The first of 5 units was delivered in the middle of 2011, while TranStar Racing as the car builder will re-create 10 units for delivery schedule in 2012. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DAGGER GT | WORLDCARFANS | AUTOBLOG]
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