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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Send messages through Chemical compounds

Scientists from York University managed for the first time to send a text message with the vodka steam. They say, the delivery system in the future could fill the gap where wireless technology has not been able to fulfill it.

The successful delivery of the message with the vodka described in PLOS ONE journal. Messages are sent with the help of alcohol and through a desk fan. The message "wrapped" in a volatile compound, is translated into a binary signal, and captured the breathalyzer device.

"We managed to send a text message first delivered with molecular communication, control the alcohol concentration to code letters with single spray to represent one and no spray represents zero," said Nariman Farsad from York University, as quoted by IB Times, on Thursday, December 19. 2013.
York University vodka text message
Researchers sent a text message using only vodka and a fan. (Picture from: http://www.theverge.com/)
The first message sent is 10101100111000101011110110 or "O Canada". Messages are sent into the air, then encoded by the receiver which resembles a breathalyzer. Distance of 4 meters messaging, while it costs 100 dollars.

Delivery by chemical signals will not remove the current communication system. "Chemical Signals offers a more efficient way to deliver the data in the tunnel, pipe, or deep underground structures," said Andrew Eckford of York University who is also involved in research.
The benefits that can be imagined is the transmission of signals in the medical world. For example, a doctor can inject a mini robot to perform certain tasks in the patient's body. For communication with the robot, the doctor in the future could utilize chemical signals.

Meanwhile, chemical signals may also be used to send text messages such as "O Canada". Just before Christmas as it is today, people in the future could send a Christmas greeting with chemical signals. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | IB TIMES | THE VERGE]
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