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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Most of the Internet user is not Human

Bot rampant in this 2013. The number of website visitors increasingly filled with bots instead of human beings. This is evidenced by a study conducted by Incapsula, a provider of cloud-based services for the website.

The research conducted by Incapsula has been monitoring the 20 thousand Internet sites which are in Incapsula network, over a period of 90 days or 3 months. The result was surprising. Incapsula recorded around 61.5 percent of the traffic on the Internet comes from bot. This figure increased over the period March 2012 by 51 percent.
Bot/Human traffic distribution. (Picture from: http://www.incapsula.com/)
Incapsula noted 61.5 percent of the bot, 31 percent of which came from search sites like Google and Bing, along with their 'good' bots. However, 30.5 percent were categorized as containing 'evil' bots (or 'malicious'), including 'scrappers' who were search and steal e-mail address contents.

There is also hacker bots who try to take over the website or spread malwares, as well as other bots that works hamper service and try to reduce the bandwidth of a site.
Malicious bots by type. (Picture from: http://www.incapsula.com/)
However, quoted from Neo Win on Friday, December 13, 2013, while compared with last year data, the spam bots activity has been reduced by 75 percent, and now only reach 0.5 percent of all web traffics. According Incapsula, it happens because of Google's efforts in curbing spam links automatically, by making changes in the search algorithms on its website.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | INCAPSULA | NEO WIN]
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