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Monday, December 16, 2013

5 Unpopular classic European motorcycles

Through the streets of urban or rural while riding a classic motorcycle is fun, especially in groups. Not because of its blaring or melodious sound, but the historical value which is owned by the motorcycle.
Classic bikes of the 1950’s. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2VBi8mO)
Call it BMW is known for melodious sound coming out from its muffler, BSA with a cruising with its boomed sound, Norton or Triumph agile and nimble on the straights and bends. From the four legendary brands that mentioned above, actually there are still many European motorcycle brands  are no less reliable and strong though less popular in the world community. Here is 5 classic European motorcycles that are less popular,

1. 1953 CZ 350 GP
Not much is known about this Czechoslovakia's motorcycle, maybe because the first CZ 350 GP motorcycle which was produced in 1953 is a very rare come to compete in Grand Prix Motor Racing event.

However, the European automotive community is quite familiar with the name of Walter Jaroslov, the one who was behind the birth of the Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ), Czechoslovakia era motorcycle manufacturer that established in 1919 in Strakonice, now in Czech Republic.
1953 CZ 350 GP. (Picture from: http://www.advrider.com/)
Before merging and producing motorcycle, CZ is a manufacturer that produces firearms, and military equipment. Overview 350 GP CZ design resembles the model of Norton Manx, only the fuel tank has a more flattened shape. CZ 350 GP uses a 4 stroke, single overhead cam, single cylinder engine with a displacement of 348 cc with an air-cooled system. The engine could burst a power of 26 hp @ 5,500 rpm and made the bike can be driven up to 115 kph (71.46 mph).

2. 1956 Douglas Dragonfly
Motorcycles are designed and produced by Douglas Motorcycle, Bristol, England, but it certainly isn’t the most widely recognized British motorcycle. Unfortunately, although comfortable to drive, but Douglas Dragonfly Motorcycle sales are very bad until finally in 1957 a total stop of the UK automotive world.

Differences Douglas Dragonfly by motorbike from other automotive manufacturers in the UK lies in the design of the framework and the engine is radical. At first glance the two blocks Douglas horizontal cylinder on the right-left side resemble the BMW.
1956 Douglas Dragonfly. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2SxYHtR)
Douglas Dragonfly motorcycle powered with 4 stroke engine capacity of 348 cc which can generate power equivalent to 23 horsepower, and can run up to speeds of 112 kph (69.59 mph).

3. 1957 Puch 250 SGS
Puch 250 SGS (Schwing-Gabel-Sport) is one of the classic motorcycle that produced by Steyr Daimler Puch AG in Thondorf, Austria. Puch built innovative 2-stroke machines that featured two pistons on a single connecting rod with an air cooled system. This unusual arrangement allowed them to use unsymmetrical port timing, which improved the power output.
1957 Puch 250 SGS. (Picture from: http://www.cyclechaos.com/)
Puch 250 SGS using a 248 cc engine that can generate power of 13.5 hp, so it can be driven up to 105 kph (65.24 mph). In terms of design, Puch 250 SGS looks sporty and dynamic. Its headlamp almost like BMW, BSA, which is a typical form of 1950s sport motorcycle, as well as front and rear fenders.

4. 1960 Pannonia TLF DeLuxe 250
Pannonia TLF Deluxe 250 produced in 1950 to 1970 by Pannonia, a Hungarian automotive company which is located in the south of Budapest. Also made by the Czepel works, the Pannonia motorcycles shared a similarity with Jawa designs and it was exported to several European countries.
1960 Pannonia TLF DeLuxe 250. (Picture from: http://www.bikepics.com/)
Interestingly, Pannonia TLF Deluxe has two versions, namely the use of single or double cylinder. This motorcycle is using 247 cc engine, a motorcycle and pride of the Hungarian people. The machine is capable of producing power by 14 hp and do not be surprised if a motorcycle can be driven up to 110 kph (68.35 mph).

5. 1960 MV Agusta 125 Gran Turismo
In addition to English and German, Italy is also a country that a lot of contributed to the history of the automotive world. One proof is the MV Agusta company that was founded in 1945, in Milan. Using one basic model, MV would make many variations from touring to a production racer, and name them accordingly. Turismo, Lusso, Rapido, Extra and Sport are but a few.

This handsome 125 sports styled machine is a "Grand Turismo" or "Great Tourer." To own a 4-stroke, single cylinder powered bike with an air-cooled system, irrespective of the capacity, was prestigious in postwar Italy. Its engine could burst a power of 7.5 bhp @ 6,500 rpm and made the motorcycle can be driven up to 96.56 kph (60 mph).
1960 MV Augusta 125 Gran Turismo. (Picture from: http://www.cyclechaos.com/)
Although many models of motorcycle production MV Augusta that became a legend in the Grand Prix circuit, but to hunt 1960 MV Agusta 125 Gran Turismo is quite difficult. Besides unpopular, MV Agusta 125 Gran Turismo which has a capacity of 123 cc motorcycle lovers ogled was less. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MOTORCYCLE CLASSICS | GALIH PAKUAN | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 06122013]
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