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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Morsus

Connoisseurs of the wind on the motorcycle saddle must have been familiar with the Akrapovič name. The Akrapovič name as a quality exhaust system producer and its work is very detailed makes it as one of the best exhaust system in the world and become the selection for the top automotive manufacturers.
Akrapovič Morsus Custom Chopper. (Picture from: http://www.autoevolution.com/)
But now Akrapovič try to explore motorcycle modification world. Collaborate with Dreamachine Motorcycle which is one of well-known modifier from Slovenia, Akrapovič build custom motorcycles. As reported Motorcyclenews, Thursday (29/12/2011), that the Akrapovič and Dreamachine Motorcycles project chose the scorpion as a basic idea and modified motorcycle is called Morsus Custom Chopper. Morsus itself derived from the Latin word meaning sting or bite. It only takes about 2 and a half months of this collaboration is able to resolve Morsus Custom Chopper, even this modified result also won several custom championships.
The driving force of Akrapovič Morsus Custom Chooper comes from a twin V2 S & S, which is also an active part of the frame, which is also used as a storage space for gasoline, the engine capacity in the U.S. standards are in 113 with. in. (1.852 cc) and performs 144 hp. (Picture from: http://caferacercult.gr/)
No doubt this time modification is presenting a fresh idea. As with tire selection than Bobby looks large compared to his body. Besides the odd impression and rarely used even look at the selection of 26" carbon wheels are shrouded in black color. Motorcycle is designed by adopting some features like rearview Teardrops, 3D triple trees and others. Bike uses the S & S  air-cooled V-Twin engine with a capacity of 1,852 cc, and offcourse with the Akrapovič exhaust system. The two systems combination are capable of spraying power of 114 hp to the rear wheels after going through an Ecoline six-speed manual transmission system.
The container is 6 speed of Ecoline, The hydraulic clutch Rivera and controls the PT Radial, the initial transmission belt made of straps Zodiac 3" with the final drive chain be. (Picture from: http://caferacercult.gr/)
Scorpion impression was very attached to the handlebar and mirrors with the taper shape, which mimics the scorpion's arm and claw. An arch in the middle is very similar with the arachnids body,  as was the shape of the saddle is also very similar to the scorpion's tail with poisonous stings.
The basic idea of Akrapovič Morsus Custom Chopper is a scorpion, this can be seen from the shape of the handlebars and rearview mirror is made ​​with a tapered shape. Motorcycle saddle shape also describes the shape of a scorpion's poisonous tail. (Picture from: http://www.autoevolution.com/)
Carbon fiber material chosen as the material for the back cushions as saddles. Not only that the saddle was equipped Fox air shock which serves as a rear suspension. It does look simple but very effective. Meanwhile, the range of distance to bars and this facilitates wider feet found foothold with lower footpegs positioned somewhere near the rear axle.
"This project is a big challenge for me. I admire the work of Igor Akrapovič very much and I wanted to put together two motorcycle worlds, racing and custom." said Tomaz Capuder, Motorcycle Dreamachine representative. "I followed also an idea of special cycle chrono bike on 26 inch wheels, which was quite challenging, but I’m quite happy with the final result as the body of the bike from many angles looks like a Scorpion," he said further. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AKRAPOVIč CUSTOM | WERD | AUTOX]
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