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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's We Protect Antarctica’s Ocean..!

Dear friend,

We're calling on you to tell 25 key decision makers the time to protect Antarctica's ocean is now!

The map of Antarctica above shows you the 25 countries, including the EU, who collectively hold the fate of the Southern Ocean in their hands. These countries are meeting in less than 20 days to decide the fate of the last pristine ocean wilderness left on Earth.

Will you help us send a strong message to these leaders?

If your answer is yes then follow these steps:
  1. Head to our new interactive map here or click on the map above.
  2. Click on any of the 'critical to success' countries and email their decision maker to urge them to show leadership and protect the Southern Ocean next month.
  3. Share this url http://antarcticocean.org/our-impact with your friends and family asking them to take action as well.
Last year, the body that manages Antarctica’s marine environment, CCAMLR, failed to reach agreement to protect two key areas -- the Ross Sea and East Antarctica’s coastal region. The upcoming meeting in Germany faces the same challenges so we need public support in the call for them to take action.

As all CCAMLR decisions require consensus of the 25 Members, it is critical to send a clear message to these leaders that we are relying on them to show collective vision in order to protect these waters for future generations.

As the CCAMLR meeting in Germany approaches, we will be calling on your support again to spread the word and take action about this momentous decision.

Thanks for your support  
The AOA Team
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Why Protect Antarctica’s Ocean?:
Antarctica’s ocean is home to thousands of species, many of these species can be found nowhere else in the world. All of these species rely on the Southern Ocean to survive. This is one of our fun infographics introducing some of these wonderful creatures. Click on the infographic and it will expand to a larger page. Scroll down to enjoy the facts about Antarctica’s species.

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