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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guest Post: The Dangers of Yaz

There are many birth control methods that exist. But what is the best way to prevent pregnancy? The easiest answer is simply not having intercourse. Fortunately, if that is something you are not interested there other options. Alternatives include: birth control pills, condoms, shots, diaphragm, implanted devices, patches and countless others.

The most prescribed birth control pill "Yaz" is also the most dangerous. Yaz ads have misled consumers about the purpose of the drug and hid important information about the harmful side-effects. Now the manufacturers are facing lawsuits from women who were injured by taking Yaz.

It is the drug makers obligation to clarify that they are manufacture are free from defect and are safe for the users. Serious conditions cause by Yaz consist of blood clots, kidney failure, gallbladder problems, hyperkalemia (excess levels of potassium in the blood), deep vein thrombosis (blood clot of the leg), stroke, pancreas problems, liver problems and pulmonary embolism (blood clot of the lung).

Many of these cases have been reported over the years. on October 3, 2008, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals was reprimanded by the FDA for misleading television commercials advertisements.The lawsuits stem from the serious number of the heart and blood disorders experienced by Yaz users.

Lawsuits against Yaz

The ads that were aired were misleading because they broadened the drug's indication, overstated the efficacy of Yaz and minimized the serious side effects associated. Due to its misleading advertising Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc is now facing thousands of claims from women injured using Yaz without complete knowledge of the potential side effects.  Yaz claimed to be a treatment for premenstrual syndrome but was never evaluated.

Too this date there have been 129 lawsuits filed against Bayer regarding Yaz. Even though Yaz changed their commercials and advertisements scientist still suggest more testing. In addition to more testing of Yaz it is also recommended there should be better labeling of the possible risk of taking the drug.

If you are taking Yaz and experiencing any of these side effects contact a doctor immediately. The side effects could become fatal so if you are experiencing one of these you may be entitled to a cash settlement.

When looking into a birth control solution it is important to look at all the facts. Although Yaz is successful for preventing pregnancy the pros do not outweigh the cons. Yaz is a dangerous drug and its side effects could be very serious. These medical companies will do anything (including false advertising) to get you to prescribed.

Even though these side effects don't affect all users it is still important to reconsider your option of Yaz. Yaz is dangerous and you may be able to get a big cash settlement of you are a female injured by one of the side effects.*** [By: PHILIP RUDY | EDITOR: EKA]
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About the author:
Philip Rudy, a full time blogger and help run and maintain 1800-LAW-FIRM, and primarily focus on their dangerous drugs page. I feel happy to say this, I love my article writing skill, and enjoyed with the time of writing.
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