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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun to Drive with Little Sport Hybrid

Sensation was present when we were behind the wheel of a sports hybrid vehicle named Honda CR-Z. In the conceptualization phase, the development team of CR-Z Car that create keywords hybrid cafe racer.

In many countries around the world, there is a culture for sports car enthusiasts to gather in the cafe and boast of their vehicles. The special cars were taken to the cafe called cafe racers.

Freedom feeling in the drive with a sports hybrid vehicle can be perfectly obtained when you are behind the wheel of the CR-Z. Honda CR-Z has three driving modes, namely Normal, Sport, and ECON where the rider can choose one of them adapted to the selection and also for satisfaction in driving. Normal mode is suitable for normal day-to-day. Sport Mode for the sensation of driving a more responsive and powerful acceleration produces so much fun to drive. While in ECON mode, engine performance adjusted to optimize fuel efficiency so that fuel consumption can be reduced.
Front view of Honda CR-Z Hybrid. (Picture from: http://bemagazineriau.com/)
Thus, the CR-Z is offered with a choice of automatic transmission technology called Continuously Variable Transmition (CVT) and a 6 speed manual transmission (6 MT) and carries a SOHC i-VTEC 1.5-liter (VTEC + DBW + TBR) + Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) was excellent. Performance engine capable of producing maximum power of 120 PS at 6,600 rpm for type 6 speed manual transmission, and 118 PS at 6,600 rpm for the CVT transmission type.
Rear view of Honda CR-Z Hybrid. (Picture from: http://www.auto-types.com/)
Meanwhile, the IMA device comes powered by a 144 volt battery capable of producing 20 PS. When the car accelerates both work together but when braking, the energy generated by the car during braking is converted into electrical energy by the IMA to be stored in the battery.
Interior view of Honda CR-Z Hybrid. (Picture from: http://www.ridwanmobil.com/)
Honda CR-Z is also equipped with Sport Plus System, where the engine and electric motor work optimally to add power and performance more responsive, the "KERS" in F1 cars and could generate power equivalent with V6 configuration engine that has 3,000 cc of capacity. In addition, the Honda CR-Z is also equipped with other features to support the performance of the drive as Paddle Shift Gear (on CVT type).

"Honda CR-Z represents the culmination of the evolution of a mix of sporty and environmentally friendly technologies developed by Honda over the years. Models answer the desire for a sports car with dynamic performance, without neglecting the responsibility to preserve the environment around," said Tomoki Uchida, President Director of PT. Honda Prospect Motor (HPM). *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | HONDA PROSPECT MOTOR | DIH | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 08032013]
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