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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Newest Italian Crossover

Apparently the charm of the small SUV market was tempting many of the world's automotive manufacturers, not least renowned Italian manufacturer, Fiat. Where the manufacturer is going to produce a model that is named 500X was unveiled and expected this 2013 launch in Europe and North America.

Fiat 500X is the crossover variant, the "X" is short for crossover. When compared with Fiat 500 (the standard variant), the 500X variant has a larger size, more spacious cabin, and more dynamic. This crossover will have a greater clearance from the ground, arches expanded plastic-coated persuades and will be offered in versions with front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.
The Fiat 500X Crossover will get into production line in early 2013. (Picture from: http://indianautosblog.com/)
Reportedly this 500X variant uses similiar engine with the 500L’s, a 1.4-liter TwinAir gasoline unit with 93 hp (69 kW / 94 PS) for the entry-level model with the FWD configuration. Another engine choice will most likely be the 2-cylinder, 1.0-liter unit with 104 hp (77 kW / 105 PS), along with several Multijet diesel engines as well.
As the fifth edition to the Fiat line, the 500X will probably come with a 1.4-liter four cylinder to the U.S. market. (Picture from: http://indianautosblog.com/)
Even though it will look considerably more masculine in comparison to other models from the 500 lineup, the upcoming 500X will still borrow some familiar styling cues, like the looks of the headlamps and taillights, along with the chrome badge.
The Fiat 500X shown here is a rival to the MINI Countryman, and shall be offered in 2WD and 4WD layout. (Picture from: http://indianautosblog.com/)
The Fiat 500X will be based on a widened version of the Punto hatchback platform, such as 500L so roughly the same size as the model MPV (over 4m long). Inside the cabin it will be able to host five adults while the cargo space will be more than 400 liters. This load capacity might be a little bit lower on the models fitted with the all-wheel drive layout.

For build this variant, Fiat requires an investment of 1 billion euros (or approx U.S $1.3 billion). And will be produced at the Melfi plant, which was claimed is one of the most technologically advanced car factories in the world. As for the Melfi plant, the factory now has new panel and body welding lines, new welding robots, upgrades to the assembly area and new technologies involving paintwork for the new cars.

The plant currently builds for the Fiat Punto and Lancia Ypsilon, but the upgrades mean that the two new crossovers can be assembled on the same lines, with the total capacity for production per day up to 1,600 units. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | WORLDCARFANS | OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 28122012]Enhanced by Zemanta
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