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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Electric City Car Made in Cambodia

Many countries are interested in developing and producing nationwide electric cars, Cambodia also wanted to have the electric car industry forward. As such, it could provide people cheap transport and not dependent on the supply of petroleum fuels.

Understandably, Cambodia is not like Indonesia which has large enough petroleum production facilities. But now Indonesia was preceded by Cambodia that have launch an eco-friendly car named Angkor EV 2013, in Phnom Penh last week (Januari 7, 2013). Remarkably, the Angkor EV 2013 sold for U.S. $10,000 (or approximately Rp. 96 million).
The Cambodian electric car (Angkor EV 2013). (Picture from: http://green.autoblog.com/)
The electric car is made by Heng Development Company (HDC) in Kandal province. The designer is Nhean Phalloek, who worked for months to develop Angkor EV. Some parts came from Cambodia, and the rest is imported from Germany, China, and Japan. The structure of Angkor EV as modern city car with 2+2 seating capacity. The scissor doors model selected to attract more attention.
Nhean Phaloek sits in the Cambodian electric car (Angkor EV 2013). (Picture from: http://beta.deccanchronicle.com/)
"After long delay, finally the Angkor EV launched. Even on March 2011 we took investors from China, the Chou Leang Alliance Group with an investment amount of 20 million U.S. dollars to produce 500 - 1,000 batteries per year, with 300 employees. However, cooperation is not running smoothly and up to six months after the MOU signing, there is no realization," said Seang Chen Heng, Director of HDC told the Phnom Penh Post.
Mechanic scans his finger to start the engine of Angkor EV 2013 at a showroom in Phnom Penh. (Picture from: http://beta.deccanchronicle.com/)
"This car can travel a distance of 300 km for a single battery charge with maximum speed of 60 kph. This Year we only sell to the domestic market. The price about 10,000 U.S. dollars (Rp. 96 million). Since now, we have product to be proud for the Khmer people," said Chen Heng.
Angkor EV 2013. (Picture from: http://www.avem.fr/)
Although the price is under Rp. 100 million, the interior of the car has futuristic design with touch screen system that can run various commands. So far there are no plans to export the Angkor EV to other Southeast Asian countries.

The presence of Angkor EV is considered very important to the nation of Cambodia. The existence of Cambodia's Angkor EV reflects the intention to seriously develop the local automotive industry, especially for products that are environmentally friendly vehicles such as the electric cars.

Revival of Cambodia automotive industry was seen when the first automotive plant in the country was built some time ago in the province of Koh Kong. The plant is ready to produce parts to order to meet the needs of the local automotive industry. That's why the price of Angkor EV can be lowered, so that affordable by Cambodian people. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 18012013]
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