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Friday, November 23, 2012

Tough and Strong All-Terrain Vehicles (Part-1)

Some world-class automotive manufacturers was ever recorded designing product versatile, strong and tough even reliable for heavy duty such as military vehicle.

These vehicles are made in such a way that it could through difficult terrain traversed by usual vehicles. Here is a row of those vehicles,

1. Jeep Wrangler
The Jeep Wrangler is a compact four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle (SUV) and an off-road vehicle manufactured by American automaker Chrysler, under its Jeep marque – and now in its fourth generation. It is a successor to the famous World War II 'Jeep' vehicle by way of the Willys civilian Jeep (CJ) in the 1950s, later produced by Kaiser-Jeep and by American Motors (AMC). The Wrangler debuted in 1987, was revised in 1997 and again in 2007. Wranglers continue to use live axles both front and rear as with their predecessor, the CJ.
Jeep Wrangler. (Picture from: http://wrangler-guides.blogspot.com/)
The car has a 3,798 cc, V6 SMPi petrol engine comes standard across the Wrangler lineup, and whether you’re tackling rush hour or the Rubicon trail, test drivers say the Wrangler offers plenty of power for the task at hand. The two-door Wrangler gets an EPA-estimated 17/21 mpg (or 7.23/8.93 kpl) city/highway, which is low in comparison with most compact SUVs. However, the Wrangler’s fuel economy is a close match for trail-ready rivals like the Toyota FJ Cruiser.
Interior of Jeep Wrangler. (Picture from: http://www.automobileupdates.com/)
This engine can deliver power of 202 hp at 5,200 rpm along with peak torque of 320 Nm. The length of the car is 3,910 mm and its width is 1,770 mm while its height is 1,700 mm. The engine of the vehicle is slightly noisier and the ride may seem jittery and imprecise on the highway.
A Jeep J8 Storm 3 Type R - Military version of Jeep Wrangler. (Picture from: http://rubicon4wheeler.blogspot.com/)
The vehicle has 6-speed manual transmission and prospective buyers have the option of choosing four- speed automatic transmission feature. The suspension of the Jeep includes live axle for front and rear. The car has front ventilated and rear disk brake system. The vehicle also has fuel tank capacity of 72 litres.

2. Land Rover Defender
This car is known as a wilderness explorer widely used safari in the wilds of the African continent. Land Rover Defender took to the streets the first time in 1947, and is very popular for maximum use among farmers, rescue services and maintenance company. Although considered relatively wasteful of fuel, the car is tough in any terrain, even when it must pass through muddy swamps though.
Land Rover Defender. (Picture from: http://www.motorstown.com/)
Lovers of the off-road and true explorers certainly no stranger to Land Rover Defender, which has become a separate icon for decades until now.
Land Rover Defender X-Tech Special Edition. (Picture from: http://www.blessthisstuff.com/)
In fact, recently, as released by Autoevolution, Land Rover officially launched the latest generation Defender X-Tech Special Edition comes in two types ie 90 Hard Top (three doors) and 110 Utility Wagon (five-door).

3. Toyota FJ Cruiser
Front face, especially on the grille and headlights are identical to the FJ40. FJ Cruiser to be the only car that showcased the word 'Toyota' on the grille. Conceptualized as an off-road adventure vehicle comfortable. The windshield same width as the FJ40.

Spacious interior. The steering comes with audio controls. The second row seats can be folded flat (60/40 split rear seat) in order to increase luggage capacity.
Toyota FJ Cruiser. (Picture from: http://www.drivesouthafrica.co.za/)
FJ Cruiser is equipped with a 4.0-liter V6 engine technology with Dual VVT-i that ensures efficiency and power from low to high rounds. Capable of printing power 200 hp with 380 Nm of torque matched 6-speed manual transmission and 5-speed automatic.
Dashboard of Toyota FJ Cruiser. (Picture from: http://newcarsgarage.blogspot.com/)
For the purposes of the steep and rugged terrain, the Toyota FJ Cruiser can be relied upon for such needs. Despite its relatively short wheelbase, but do not make it hard through the area with steep ravines or rocky path. Not surprisingly, the FJ Cruiser is a serious competitor of the Jeep Wrangler.

4. Volkswagen Amarok M
A company from Germany, Rheinmetall Defense uses Volkswagen that designed for military purposes as a versatile pickup that is expected to handle a variety of missions. 

This vehicles are categorized as light multi-purpose vehicle (LMPV) is equipped with all-wheel drive, an off-road anti-blocking system and other features with complete equipment off-road vehicles typical. It packs up to 180 hp and is capable of speeds up to 111 mph (180 km/h).

The vehicle is also equipped with a chassis that has been strengthened and advanced communications equipment as military vehicles, VW Amarok M equipped electrically-powered ring-mounted, weapon holder can be moved electrically to anchor medium or heavy machine guns and automatic grenade launchers.
Volkswagen Amarok M. (Picture from: http://www.gizmag.com/)
VW Amarok military version is offered in the form of gasoline and diesel engines and available with power outputs from 121 hp to 177 hp. The machines can be connected both with 6-speed manual transmission or 8-speed automatic transmission.
Rheinmetall Volkswagen Amarok M. (Picture from: http://www.worldcarfans.com/)
Rheinmetall says the Amarok M can carry a payload up to 1.5 tons (1.37 tonnes) and can be outfitted with specific kits to support different types of missions. It can transport up to four fully-equipped soldiers and offers room for stowing equipment. VW Amarok M was first introduced at the event "2012-Eurosatory Defense and Security" in Paris. (Jump to Next-Part.) *** [GIZMAG | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | EKA | DIH | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 0911201
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