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Friday, September 14, 2012

Water and Salt to LED Lighting

Nowadays many people are racing to create alternative energy that carries the mission of environmentally friendly, economical, and practical.

Ever since the earthquake and subsequent Fukushima nuclear disaster that occurred in Japan last year technology has been developed to help if such an event were ever to occur again. One of the biggest problems to overcome in Japan was a lack of power, which has led one Japanese company to create a light that runs purely on salt water.

Green House Co Ltd released has developed LED lights to light it does not require electricity or batteries, but only requires power and salt water.

The luminous power of the light is rated at 55 lumen, but the lantern isn’t just limited to acting as a light source. On its casing you will find a USB port, allowing you to plug in and charge other devices. So if you are stuck in a power outage at night you can use the LED Lantern to light the way while it charges your smartphone.
GH-LED10WBW from Green House Co Ltd. (Picture from: http://kuwaitblogs.tomotiki.com/)
As reported by Ubergizmo, the lamp with the name GH-LED10WBW it will emit light when water and salt put into the lantern, and capable of burning for eight hours. To turn the light takes about 350 milliliters of water and 16 grams of salt.

This electronic device developer explained that a mixture of water and salt will work as electrolytes with magnesium (mg) rod as the negative pole and carbon rod as the positive poles.

Green House is expected to release the LED Lantern before the end of September in Japan. The one thing not yet know is the price, but due to the limited parts it uses I can’t see this being a very expensive device, but it’s certainly one lots of Japanese households will want to have ready in a cupboard just in case. *** [GEEK | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 13092012]
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