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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

List of 5 Hybrid Motorcycles

Development of today's hybrid technology is not limited to the four-wheeled vehicles, but also motorcycles. Many manufacturers are interested in creating a hybrid bike, not just large industries, but also small scale industries. The result is a variant of motorcycles as diverse as conventional motorized two-wheeled vehicles.

Which is not less unique hybrid tech motorcycle development is not only done by the state authorities of two-wheeled vehicle sales globally, such as Japan, and Europe, but also carried out by India. Here are five motorcycle hybrid tech being developed in various countries of the world: 

Eko ET-120
Motorcycle named Eko ET-120 is a local product from India. Eko ET-120 has a cub design using 70 cc gasoline engine and electric motor. The creators of a local manufacturer Eko Vehicles India based in Bangalore India. Claimed when both engine were combined, the resulting power is equivalent to a 120 cc engine. 
Eko ET-120. (Picture from: http://future-motorcycles.com/)
In the specification Eko ET-120 has a maximum speed of 64 km/h with a claimed fuel consumption of up to 1 liter of gasoline for a distance of 120 km. But if only the gasoline engine only used the home range is 1 liter of gasoline took 60 km and for the electric motor has the ability to distance 32 km. Green-tech bike is marketed in India at a price of 850 U.S. dollars or about Rp. 7.9 million. 

Piaggio MP3 300ie
Piaggio MP3 Hybrid 300ie is the world's first hybrid bike that combines plug-in electric with lithium ion batteries. 

This three-wheeled motorcycle driven gasoline engine and electric motor which is paralleled with an automatic transmission. 

For fuel consumption, 300ie can cover 60 km to a liter of gasoline, whereas when using any gasoline engine fuel consumption to 1 liter for a distance of 30 km. 
Piaggio MP3 300ie. (Picture from: http://www.aye-gee.co.uk/)
While the condition of full battery MP3 Hybrid can run up to 20 km in the city. Docking can be done when the scooter braking and reducing speed. MP3 300ie sale price in Italy is 7.990 euro. 

The designer who was born in the city of Vladivostok, in Russia, Igor Chak, made one interesting concept motorcycle, named Izh-1.

Motorcycle with its futuristic design is reinforced V-twin engine 8500;, built and reinforced heat resistant plastic components. Electric motor mounted on the rear wheels. Igor Chak claims engine and electric motor that work together are able to save fuel consumption up to 1 liter to 34 km compared to a motorcycle that uses the same engine capacity. 
Igor Chak's Izh-1 hybrid motorcycle concept. (Picture from: http://www.ubergizmo.com/)
Not only fuel efficient, Izh-1 is also equipped with various advanced features, such as a magnetic brake with hydraulic backup system, dual airbags, and GPS navigation.
Izh-1 is hybrid motorcycle with futuristic design. (Picture from: http://theawesomer.com/)
This is the big motorcycles bearing the hybrid engine technology as well as advanced technology. 

Yamaha Gen-Ryu
Japanese manufacturer is building a prototype Gen-Ryu as a motorcycle bearing the hybrid technology. 

But unlike most hybrid bikes that have been marketed at this time, Gen-Ryu hybrid motorcycle intended as having a high speed. 
Yamaha Gen-Ryu hybrid. (Picture from: http://thekneeslider.com/)
Yamaha Genesis design base is combined with the latest electronic control technology. His philosophy is to combine the lightweight body and YZF-R6 600cc engine with electric motor that has a high efficiency.

So far the Gen-Ryu still a concept that has yet to be produced in the near future. 

Schneider Electric Hybrid
To prove that the design of hybrid bikes are not rigid, the Schneider Electric, an electric motors company work with Orange County Choppers build the first custom motorcycle to use hybrid technology.

The concept is a comfortable touring bike for long distance travel, but more fuel efficient than a motorcycle in its class. 
Hybrid electric chopper collaboration between Schneider Electric and Orange County Choppers. (Picture from: http://www.greenmanufacturer.net/)
Schneider Electric Hybrid engines use 45-degree V-twin with a capacity of 1,600 cc and two electric motors. This motorcycle has been tested fuel consumption of up to 1 liter to 17 km with the use of gasoline engines.
Schneider-OCC hybrid electric chopper. (Picture from  http://www.clarkdever.com/)
However, fuel consumption becomes much more efficient when the gasoline engine and electric motor working distance that is a liter of 30 km.
Saddle bags containing LI-Ion battery packs. (Picture from: http://www.clarkdever.com/)
Hybrid bikes are more economical use of fuel than a conventional motorcycle. *** [OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 25052012]
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