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Saturday, March 10, 2012

BYD Electric Car Can Travel 300 km

A record electric car that can travel the farthest distance before recharging current is BYD F3 which is a duplicate of the Toyota Corolla E120. Five-passenger crossover type car is the power of 75 kw electric motor with a speed of about 130 km / h and can cover a distance of about 300 km, manufactured by BYD motors in Shenzen, China.

BYD is the company's main product, before making an electric car-producing batteries for mobile phones and laptops that we usually use. HP batteries made by BYD covers almost 50% of all cell-phones brand in the world. A subsidiary of BYD also makes components for Nokia and Motorola cell-phones. 

As a technology company that manufactures various types of batteries, BYD F3 for electric cars do not use lithium-ion batteries are now commonly used on vehicles EV (electric vehicle). BYD using its own battery dikembangkanya the iron-phosphate, a new battery material that is now being developed by BYD though its capacity is still below the lithium-ion batteries have an advantage over safer and more environmentally friendly because it contains no toxic electroytes and heavy metals that are harmful to the environment.
BYD F3. (Picture from: http://www.chinacartimes.com/)
For the iron-phosphate batteries used in electric vehicles F3, BYD guarantee of 10 years and is guaranteed capable of charging up to 6.000 times. Other advantages of this new type of battery is more flexible for consumers to browse repeated. Can use rechargeable flash in the rechargeable battery charging station or using an electric socket at home with a longer charging time is approximately 4-5 hours.

BYD Automotive Company as a subsidiary that manufactures battery BYD is now the mainstay of the Chinese government to accelerate the development of EV (electric car) that the Chinese government subsidized sales to accelerate the marketing of electric cars in China.

BYD work with the government also launched a dual mode hybrid cars since 2008 that BYD F3DM. Hybrid car F3DM is the world's first electric motor can be a distance between 65-100 km, and equipped with 3-cylinder combustion engine (1,000 cc) petrol fuel can improve mileage by up to 480 miles before recharge electric and gasoline filled again for the motor fuel.
Dual mode hybrid car BYD F3DM. (Picture from: http://www.autoblog.com/)
BYD is also a partner of the Chinese government to produce electric power bus since September 2010, a bus with a length of 12 meters will replace the diesel engine power bus of high pollution levels. 

F3 is five-passenger car production by BYD Automotive price before subsidies the Chinese government is still relatively expensive U.S. dollar 56,900, with 18,000 U.S. dollars in subsidies so for consumer in China the prices is 38,430 U.S. dollars. *** [BK | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 09032012]
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