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Thursday, March 1, 2012

ATM Machine Doubtful at First

ATM or Automatic Teller Machine at this time is not something strange to us. And do you know who the inventor of this ATM machine? 

He was Luther George Simjian who invented this wonderful machine. He was born in Antep, Turkey on January 28, 1905. Young Simjian emigrated to the United States at the age of 15 years, since separated from his family during World War I. 

He began working as a self-learning as Photographers in accordance with his field of interest. In 1928, he has held the position Director of the Department of Photography at the Yale School of Medicine and invented several machines such as a projector for microscope images.

Luther George Simjian
Simjian in 1934 moved to New York. He developed a color X-ray machines and self-posing portrait camera, which allows the subjects to look into the mirror and see the exact image to be captured. Simjian offer ideas to the bank's customers conduct financial transactions without meeting with the teller, but the idea is doubtful many people. 

Relentless, in 1939, Simjian registered 20 patents related to the new findings, and offer its findings to a large company that is now known as Citicorp. 6 months later, Citicorp respond to an offer Simjian it. 

"Apparently, people who will use this machine is only a small number of prostitutes and gamblers who are shy and do not want to meet face to face with tellers" wrote Simjian. In fact, today on every street corner, we can easily find the machine "magic" is. What are the doubts many people in the past is not proven. ATM has become an integral requirement for most people who live in cities and villages. Simjian invention which at first doubtful, has been helping many people with a presence of ease through ATM machines. *** [SEPTI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 01032012]
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