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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Airbags Technology to Protect Pedestrians

Car accident on the street is not only potentially cause vehicle drivers and passengers sustained injuries, but also could endanger pedestrians. Many incidents involving motor vehicle accidents in which pedestrians have caused fatalities. 

With the aim to reduce traffic casualties in terms of pedestrians, the Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo, developed a new technology called air bags for pedestrians. These devices are placed at the bottom of the windscreen that serves to reduce heavy impact between the pedestrian and the car hood. 

Pedestrian airbags feature is activated through a variety of sensors mounted on the front of the vehicle. The way it works when the sensor detects a collision between cars and pedestrians, the activation command is sent to a computer and then ordered under the windscreen airbags to inflate the air bag in the form of fairly large size. 
Volvo Pedisterian Airbags. (Picture from: http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/)
Cushioned air bags are designed to withstand heavy impact between pedestrian and car body parts. Not only that, the Volvo engineers also added one more feature that is the front hood will rise slightly upwards so violent that the car body has been further reduced and pedestrians fell by a less severe injury. 

Pedestrian airbags feature was deliberately created to reduce the occurrence of fatal injury in the human body, especially the head. For injuries on the head can cause potentially fatal. 
Volvo Technology. (Picture from: PIKIRAN RAKYAT 16032012)
In order to secure the safety of pedestrians over again, Volvo is also developing one more additional feature called Pedestrian Detection Safety System. The system is designed to be able to detect the person who was walking in front of the vehicle. 

Volvo manufacturers intentionally create these technologies to reduce vehicle speed automatically if the driver was not also on the brakes when the car is approaching pedestrians. 

Volvo has officially introduced the technology for pedestrian safety in the event that the Geneva Motor Show 2012 which closed on Sunday (3/18/2012). 
That feature is the latest development after the previous Volvo innovations such as lane keeping aid to the auto steering, automatic road sign information, active high-beam technology, and early warning systems to prevent accidents. *** [OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 16032013]
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