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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unique Parabola Antenna Design

The satellite dish has provided modern wonders of the world. Help space exploration, a security function of a military attack, and of course, helps provide an amazing choice for television services from around the world. However, not all interested in the appearance of a boring dish. As summarized www.uniknya.com, the following smart and unique design of the satellite dish that is not boring:

1. Smileys
What if you see a parabola is smiling at you? Of course, this is a good idea, once we eliminate saturation on the shape and color are always the same parabola. Many people who then called "Smileys" in accordance with the shape and image of the parabola. 
Smiley. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com)
In the world, this form was first discovered in the cultural center of the Arena, in Vienna, Austria. The next two are found in Heidelberg, Germany.

2. Brickwork
Model design is clever in a "camouflage" That is, the color and model of this dish as one with a brick wall, so it appears not as a separate equipment from the building. This antenna is really into the wall, showing his skill with a little imagination. 
Brickwork. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com)
As a form of creativity is amazing, such a parabolic antenna design was first discovered and came from London, England.

3. Sundial
Parabola is transformed into a natural, beautiful, and creative can be found in Taormina, Sicily, Italy. Designed to look like a sundial, with the inscription, "Pigghia e potta," which means "Get it and take it away" (referring to the actual message Sicilian sun).
Sundial. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com)
We who see the unique design is sure to wonder whether the dish is also really serves as a sundial to tell time and receive signals.

4. Easel Job
Artistic side by drawing Displays the owner of the design of this dish has a creative individual with a picture looks fun and interesting sempurna.Yang, placing it outside the room kept exactly in the land of the page. 
Easel Job. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com)
This allows you to sit back in a park while accompanied by stunning painted image objects.

5. Suburban Camouflage
Furthermore, we have an awesome picture, if you look at it without blinking, it will pass a parabola is located there. Stored secretly in the garden, this design is decorated with a pattern of green leaves from the surrounding hedgerows.
Suburban Camouflage. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com)
Heavily blend with its surroundings, not unlike a chameleon lizard, making veiled from our view.

6. Squish
"When the antenna is made to be like no antenna" It Squish written when the tagline on this product, which came originally from England. Sqish creates a parabolic antenna design types such as "secret" because it looks exactly like the blend with the surrounding environment.
Sqish. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com)
With the wonderful designs in the form of pictures of other cool design, this parabola antenna maker has some interesting ideas about how to make the external appearance of the satellite antenna is more interesting.

7. Overgrown
Peering from the corner of this photo looks parabolic which is hidden from the bush plants, is a different design and cool. Found perched on the roof of a building in Bergen, Norway.  
Overgrown. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com)
This dish is surrounded by lush vegetation and completely cover the brick walls. Outstanding design!

8. Let's Dance
Another design featuring a beautiful artistic ability, an art picture is bright and full of the joy of dancing couples image. In fact, it's not a dish that still works, but rather a clever way to recycle an old satellite dish that is not used to be an amazing art.
Let's Dance. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com)
If only all accessories technologies designed like that and look so good!

9. Special Design
Artist Julian Celdran has been working to design a satellite dish since 2003, in the northern city of Borges, France, and recently he has designed a satellite dish to Brussels, Belgium in 2010-2011. From there the images below is the result of art created by it. You will agree when the hand is spectacular.  
Special Design. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com)
Interestingly, he created a design that does not use paint, but is digitally printed on a sticker, and this project is a collaboration with the help of local residents.

People choose ornamental decorations on the basis of materials of decorative objects in their homes. Such as cloth, jewelery to carpets and curtains. Aiming to take the good flavor out of the room to bring together local communities that represent different cultures and individuals. The project is a perfect example of environmental enlightenment. An extraordinary art movement! 

10. CIA Smiley
The next smile design found on the satellite dish from a CIA satellite tracking system. Apparently, Americans know that the satellite system under the supervision of the Soviet Union. Therefore, they design and paint a big smiley face on the satellite dish.
CIA-Smiley. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com)
A unique, making their own entertainment in the era of cold war between the two countries. *** [IQBAL VETRA | UNIKNYA.COM | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 23022012] 
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